General Index: P

General Index: P


All the Ps from Pagan to Pyper are on this page – and at the end Quick and Quig. To save some scrolling, some links have been provided. Click the link closest to the name you are looking for, and scroll from there.


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Padkin, James F.:
1895, Greenlaw (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.418

Pagan, Gavin Lang:
1899, Callander, FES, Vol.4, p.341; 1902, Largs, FES, Vol.3, p.216; 1909, St George’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.107; FES, Vol.8, p.21

Pagan, John:
1861, Forgandenny, FES, Vol.4, p.210; FES, Vol.8, p.363; 1865, Bothwell, FES, Vol.3, p.232; FES, Vol.8, p.253; 1899, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.446

Pagan, John Hamilton:
1900, South Africa, FES, Vol.7, p.563

Paget, John:
1608, Amsterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.537

Paget, Robert:
1638, Dordrecht, FES, Vol.7, p.543

Paget, Thomas:
1639, Amsterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.538

Paine or Pane, James, Sir:
1567, Kelton, FES, Vol.2, p.414; FES, Vol.8, p.205

Paip or Pope, Hector:
1682, Loth, FES, Vol.7, p.95

Pairman, William:
1761, Elie, FES, Vol.5, p.199

Paisley, Duncan Turner:
1885, Milton, FES, Vol.3, p.426

Paisley, John:
1691, Lochwinnoch, FES, Vol.3, p.153; FES, Vol.8, p.242

Paisley, John:
1848, Garelochhead, FES, Vol.3, p.346; FES, Vol.8, p.277

Paisley, Patrick:
1722, Rotterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.551; 1724, 2nd Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.108; 1724, 1st Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.106

Paisley, Robert:
1704, Stewarton, FES, Vol.3, p.126

Paisley, Robert:
1836, Partick, FES, Vol.3, p.428; McCosh, Robert Paisley; 1843, St Ninians, FES, Vol.4, p.315; FES, Vol.8, p.392; see also Carstairs Hill Tree, A. Catherine Duff Cook

Paisley, Robert:
1883, Brechin, FES, Vol.5, p.382; 1905, Careston, FES, Vol.5, p.384; FES, Vol.8, p.499; see also Carstairs Hill Tree, A. Catherine Duff Cook

Paisley, Robert Ninian:
1921, Ladykirk, FES, Vol.8, p.127; 1926, New Abbey, FES, Vol.8, p.178; 1928, Bolton, FES, Vol.8, p.88

Palm, John David:
1861, Hurst, FES, Vol.7, p.472; 1868, Military Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.452; 1870, Rotterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.553; FES, Vol.8, p.729

Pane or Paine, James, Sir:
1567, Kelton, FES, Vol.2, p.414; FES, Vol.8, p.205

Panter, Patrick:
1626, St Mary’s, Dundee, FES, Vol.5, p.315; 1627, Professor, St Mary’s, FES, Vol.7, p.428

Panton, George Ann or Andrew:
1845, New Zealand, Ewing, Annals; PCNZ, Ministers’ Register

Panton, James:
1879, Langholm, Ewing, Annals

Panton, John:
1588, Forglen, FES, Vol.6, p.251

Panton, William:
1586, Muckhart, FES, Vol.5, p.68

Pape, Charles:
1638, Cullicudden, FES, Vol.7, p.21

Pape or Pope, Thomas:
1590, Rogart, FES, Vol.7, p.97; 1614, Cullicudden, FES, Vol.7, p.21

Pape or Pope, William:
1580, Ardersier, FES, Vol.6, p.433

Pape or Pope, William:
1588, Dornoch, FES, Vol.7, p.83; 1613, Nigg, FES, Vol.7, p.65

Paplay, Magnus:
1681, North Ronaldsay, FES, Vol.7, p.266

Paplay, William:
1678, Rhynd, FES, Vol.4, p.244; FES, Vol.8, p.372

Park, George:
1694, Killearn, FES, Vol.3, p.349; see also Balfour Tree, G. Mary Forrester

Park, George:
1870, Inverchaolain, FES, Vol.4, p.28; 1882, Paisley, FES, Vol.3, p.180; FES, Vol.8, p.244

Park, George Mathieson:
1890, Deskford, FES, Vol.6, p.286; FES, Vol.8, p.598

Park, Hugh:
1846, Johnstone, FES, Vol.3, p.147; 1848, Cumbernauld, FES, Vol.3, p.385; FES, Vol.8, p.287

Park, James of Cranoch:
1647, Urquhart, FES, Vol.6, p.408

Park, James:
1877, Trinity, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.33; 1880, St John’s, Leith, FES, Vol.1, p.159; FES, Vol.8, p.29

Park, John:
1646, Mochrum, FES, Vol.2, p.370; 1649, Stranraer, FES, Vol.2, p.356; FES, Vol.8, p.192; 1669, Stranraer, FES, Vol.2, p.356; 1672, Kilmaurs, FES, Vol.3, p.113

Park, John:
1665, Carriden, FES, Vol.1, p.198

Park, John:
1831, Liverpool, FES, Vol.7, p.465; 1843, Glencairn, FES, Vol.2, p.316; 1854, St Andrews, FES, Vol.5, p.236

Park, John:
1833, Carlisle, FES, Vol.7, p.464; 1844, St Martin’s, FES, Vol.4, p.249; FES, Vol.8, p.373

Park, John:
1837, Cadder, FES, Vol.3, p.374

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Park, Robert:
1699, Foulden, FES, Vol.2, p.48

Park, Robert:
1743, Monkland, FES, Vol.3, p.274

Park, William:
1845, Airth, FES, Vol.4, p.291

Parker, ____:
1814, Burgher, Student, Scott, Annals, p.492

Parker, Alexander:
1903, Birsay, UOS, Annals

Parker, Andrew Borland:
1836, Levern, FES, Vol.3, p.151; 1839, Lesmahagow, FES, Vol.3, p.315; FES, Vol.8, p.271; 1855, Wellpark, Glasgow, Ewing, Annals

Parker, Gavin:
1823, St Andrew’s, Dundee, FES, Vol.5, p.337; 1828, Union Terrace, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.42; Ewing, Annals

Parker, James:
1567, Buittle, FES, Vol.2, p.398; FES, Vol.8, p.202

Parker, John, Sir:
1562, Buittle, FES, Vol.8, p.202

Parker, John:
1789, Greenlaw (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.416

Parker, John:
1807, Newark, FES, Vol.3, p.217

Parker, John:
1883, Cleland, FES, Vol.3, p.243; 1890, St James’, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.446; FES, Vol.8, p.302

Parker, Mungo Fairlie:
1837, Brechin, FES, Vol.5, p.382; Ewing, Annals

Parker, Robert:
1636, Delft, FES, Vol.7, p.543

Parker, Stuart Crawford:
1914, Dryfesdale, FES, Vol.2, p.205; FES, Vol.8, p.156; 1919, Belmont, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.397; FES, Vol.8, p.290; 1923, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Parlane, James:
1857, orrock Place, Hawick (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.457; 1869, Burntisland (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.364; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.550

Parlane, William:
1724, Eaglesham, FES, Vol.3, p.387

Parlane, William:
1822, Tranent (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.540; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.493; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.106

Partington, John:
1722, Founders’ Hall, London, FES, Vol.7, p.490

Pasley, John:
1693, Morton, FES, Vol.2, p.321

Pate, James:
1809, Innerleithen, FES, Vol.1, p.275

Pate or Peat, Samuel:
1790, Gigha, FES, Vol.4, p.55

Paterson, Adam:
1800, Kinghorn, FES, Vol.5, p.95

Paterson, Adam M’Caul:
1903, Saughtree, FES, Vol.2, p.239

Paterson, Alexander:
1586, Insch, FES, Vol.6, p.158; 1592, Chapel of Garioch, FES, Vol.6, p.151; FES, Vol.8, p.564

Paterson, Alexander:
1756, Rothes, FES, Vol.6, p.349

Paterson, Alexander:
1800, New Inn Entry, Dundee (Relief), Small, History, Vol.1, p.297; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.557; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.158; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.15

Paterson, Alexander:
1843, Dalry (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.275; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.19; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.235

Paterson, Alexander:
1853, St Stephen’s, Perth; 1855, Dunblane; 1873, Gargunnock; 1878, Bainsford, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Alexander:
1873, Mull, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Alexander:
1875, Lilliesleaf (Relief and Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.472

Paterson, Alexander:
1892, Westray, FES, Vol.7, p.278; 1918, New Byth, FES, Vol.6, p.270; FES, Vol.8, p.594

Paterson, Alexander Drummond:
1878, Kinglassie, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Alexander J. B.:
1891, East, Duns (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.400; 1899, Kilmalcolm (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.541; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.714

Paterson, Andrew:
1658, Whitsome, FES, Vol.2, p.63; FES, Vol.8, p.129

Paterson, Archibald Morton:
1923, Slamannan, FES, Vol.8, p.49; 1927, Tarbolton, FES, Vol.8, p.226

Paterson, Charles Edward:
1870, Dalton, FES, Vol.2, p.203; FES, Vol.8, p.156; 1875, Paris, FES, Vol.7, p.536

Paterson, David:
1806, Alnwick, Small, History, Vol.1, p.543

Paterson, David:
about 1880, Military Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.455

Paterson, David:
1890, Restalrig, Edinburgh, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, David H.:
1856, Madras, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, David Howat:
1881, Hamilton, FES, Vol.3, p.221; FES, Vol.8, p.251

Paterson, Donald S.:
1952, Perth, UOS, Annals

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Paterson, Fullarton:
1809, New Deer (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.142

Paterson, George:
1570, Belhelvie, FES, Vol.6, p.47; 1570, Kinellar, FES, Vol.6, p.59; 1573, Daviot, FES, Vol.6, p.156; FES, Vol.8, p.565; 1573, Inverurie, FES, Vol.6, p.160

Paterson, George:
1665, Dairsie, FES, Vol.5, p.148

Paterson, George:
1827, East Linton (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.545

Paterson, George:
1836, Dalry, FES, Vol.2, p.408

Paterson, Henry:
1805, Wamphray (Relief), Small, History, Vol.1, p.47

Paterson, Henry Angus:
1842, Stonehouse (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.235; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.7; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.32

Paterson, Hugh Sinclair:
1854, St Mark’s, Glasgow, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Isaac:
1601, Anwoth, FES, Vol.2, p.385; FES, Vol.8, p.199

Paterson, James:
1567, Cushnie, FES, Vol.6, p.136

Paterson, James:
1734, Coull, FES, Vol.6, p.90; FES, Vol.8, p.546; see also Cumming Turing Tree, B.1.2.4. Jane Turing and C.1.3.1. William Morrice

Paterson, James:
1798, Rousay, FES, Vol.7, p.268

Paterson, James:
1805, Midmar (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.31; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.235; Scott, Annals, p.402

Paterson, James:
1808, Birnie, FES, Vol.6, p.380

Paterson, James:
1810, Airth (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.697; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.335

Paterson, James:
1811, Harbottle, FES, Vol.7, p.511

Paterson, James:
1818, Auchtergaven (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.646; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.185; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.322; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.45

Paterson, James:
1822, Couper, The R.P. Church, p.164

Paterson, James:
1822, Stichill, FES, Vol.2, p.93; 1824, Gordon, FES, Vol.2, p.153

Paterson, James:
1834, Burgher, Ireland, Scott, Annals, p.506

Paterson, James:
1855, Ardentinny, FES, Vol.4, p.21; 1858, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Paterson, James:
1859, Kirn, FES, Vol.4, p.36; 1869, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.596

Paterson, James:
1871, Ceylon, FES, Vol.7, p.568

Paterson, James:
1882, Royal Bounty Station, FES, Vol.4, p.157

Paterson, James:
1887, Ballater; 1894, White Memorial Church, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, James:
1887, Ollaberry, FES, Vol.7, p.314; 1888, Hoy, FES, Vol.7, p.245

Paterson, James A.:
Family, Professor, Small, History, Vol.1, p.275

Paterson, James Alexander:
1908, Anstruther, FES, Vol.5, p.185; FES, Vol.8, p.454

Paterson, James Dykes:
1882, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.596

Paterson, John:
1563, Collessie, FES, Vol.8, p.440

Paterson, John:
1564, Caerlaverock, FES, Vol.2, p.258; FES, Vol.8, p.170

Paterson, John:
1567, Aberdour, FES, Vol.5, p.1; FES, Vol.8, p.405

Paterson, John:
1567, Dalgety, FES, Vol.5, p.21; FES, Vol.8, p.408

Paterson, John:
1567, Forres, FES, Vol.6, p.421; FES, Vol.8, p.644; 1586, Moy, FES, Vol.6, p.418

Paterson, John:
1625, Denny, FES, Vol.4, p.304; 1629, Oldhamstocks, FES, Vol.1, p.413; FES, Vol.8, p.110

Paterson, John:
1632, Foveran, FES, Vol.6, p.193; 1649, Ellon, FES, Vol.6, p.190; 1659, North, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.14; 1662, Bishop, Ross, FES, Vol.7, p.356; FES, Vol.8, p.710

Paterson, John:
1659, Ellon, FES, Vol.6, p.190; 1663, The Tron, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.135; FES, Vol.8, p.25; 1672, St Giles, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.59; 1675, Bishop, Galloway, FES, Vol.7, p.347; 1679, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.7, p.342; 1687, Archbishop, Glasgow, FES, Vol.7, p.324; FES, Vol.8, p.708

Paterson, John:
1682, Tundergarth, FES, Vol.2, p.223; FES, Vol.8, p.161

Paterson, John:
1727, Dipple, FES, Vol.6, p.402; 1731, St Andrews, FES, Vol.6, p.399

Paterson, John:
1794, Auldearn, FES, Vol.6, p.437

Paterson, John:
1839, Blairgowrie (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.318; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.133; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.485; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.149; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.711; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.712; see also Bell Tree, Benjamin Bell

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Paterson, John:
1842, Stornoway, Small, History, Vol.2, p.167

Paterson, John:
1843, Tranent, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, John:
1864, Whitehill (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.138; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.350; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.610

Paterson, John:
1868, Old Meldrum; 1878, South, Paisley, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, John:
1868, Torryburn, FES, Vol.5, p.54

Paterson, John:
1871, Airdrie, Wellwynd (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.125

Paterson, John:
1903, Fullarton, FES, Vol.3, p.38; FES, Vol.8, p.218

Paterson, John C.:
1849, Half Morton, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, John Thornville:
1821, Sunderland, FES, Vol.7, p.482

Paterson, Joseph:
1811, Montrose, FES, Vol.5, p.415; Small, History, Vol.1, p.298

Paterson, Keith Norman:
1929, Missionary, FES, Vol.8, p.741

Paterson, Nathaniel:
1821, Galashiels, FES, Vol.2, p.178; 1834, St Andrew’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.434; Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Ninian:
1668, Dalserf, FES, Vol.3, p.246; 1671, Smailholm, FES, Vol.2, p.161; 1674, Liberton, FES, Vol.1, p.171

Paterson, Patrick:
1572, Killearn, FES, Vol.8, p.278

Paterson, Peter:
1568, Carmunnock, FES, Vol.3, p.378; FES, Vol.8, p.286

Paterson, Peter Wilson:
1878, Hull, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Robert:
1564, Flisk, FES, Vol.5, p.155; FES, Vol.8, p.446; 1567, Creich, FES, Vol.5, p.136; FES, Vol.8, p.440; 1567, Dunbog, FES, Vol.5, p.150; FES, Vol.8, p.444

Paterson, Robert:
1574, Legerwood, FES, Vol.2, p.156

Paterson, Robert:
1576, Heriot, FES, Vol.1, p.322

Paterson, Robert:
1678, Principal, FES, Vol.7, p.358; FES, Vol.8, p.711

Paterson, Robert:
1765, Spynie, FES, Vol.6, p.406

Paterson, Robert:
1772, Largo (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.382; 1794, Gillespie, Biggar (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.409; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.587; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.214; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.218; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.260

Paterson, Robert:
1820, Kirkwall (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.484; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.86; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.472; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.149; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.318; Scott, Annals, p.390 ; see also Bell Tree, Benjamin Bell

Paterson, Robert:
1829, Greenloaning (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.686; 1842, Midmar (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.32; 1851, Aberchirder (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.128; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.574; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.653; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.397

Paterson, Robert:
1859, Missionary, FES, Vol.7, p.704; 1871, Glassford, FES, Vol.3, p.256; FES, Vol.8, p.258

Paterson, Robert:
1865, Ceylon, FES, Vol.7, p.568

Paterson, Robert:
1879, Savoch of Deer (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.145

Paterson, Robert M’Cheyne:
1885, Missionary, FES, Vol.7, p.704; FES, Vol.8, p.741

Paterson, Robert S.:
1859, Burray (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.506

Paterson, Samuel:
1843, Blantyre, FES, Vol.3, p.229

Paterson, Thomas:
1563, Newlands, FES, Vol.8, p.61

Paterson, Thomas:
1570, Kirkurd, FES, Vol.1, p.276

Paterson, Thomas:
1657, Borthwick, FES, Vol.1, p.302; FES, Vol.8, p.67; see also Chalmers Burns Guthrie Tree, C:1.3. Helen Trail

Paterson, Thomas:
1683, Borthwick, FES, Vol.1, p.302; FES, Vol.8, p.67; see also Chalmers Burns Guthrie Tree, C:1.3.1.

Paterson, Thomas:
1685, Kirkwall, FES, Vol.7, p.226; 1687, Stronsay, FES, Vol.7, p.273

Paterson, Thomas:
1697, Colinton, FES, Vol.1, p.3; 1699, 2nd St Cuthbert’s, FES, Vol.1, p.101; 1706, 1st St Cuthbert’s, FES, Vol.1, p.96

Paterson, Thomas:
1895, South, Strathmiglo; 1900, Auchencairn, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Thomas Macdougall Brisbane:
1875, Hamilton, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, Thomas Maver:
1928, Loanhead, FES, Vol.8, p.78

Paterson, Thomas W.:
1889, Roberton (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.420; 1900, Mid Calder (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.597

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Paterson, Walter:
1665, Bolton, FES, Vol.1, p.357; FES, Vol.8, p.87

Paterson, Walter:
1837, Kirkurd, FES, Vol.1, p.278; Ewing, Annals

Paterson, William:
1617, Sorbie, FES, Vol.2, p.376; 1632, Glenluce, FES, Vol.2, p.348

Paterson, William:
1749, Slains, FES, Vol.6, p.202

Paterson, William:
1774, Logie Buchan, FES, Vol.6, p.197; see also Cumming Turing Tree, B.

Paterson, William:
1826, Banff (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.125

Paterson, William:
1834, Whiteness, FES, Vol.7, p.293; McCosh, William Paterson; 1840, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.596; 1843, Whalsay, FES, Vol.7, p.319; 1844, Cockburnspath, FES, Vol.1, p.405

Paterson, William:
1865, Fraserburgh, Ewing, Annals

Paterson, William:
1875, Windsor Place, Portobello (Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.549

Paterson, William Berry Shaw:
1836, Kilmaronock, FES, Vol.3, p.352; FES, Vol.8, p.279

Paterson, William Paterson:
1887, Crieff, FES, Vol.4, p.267; 1894, Professor, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.7, p.374; 1903, Professor, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.7, p.385; FES, Vol.8, p.716; 1919, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.447

Paterson, William Russell:
1896, Armadale, Ewing, Annals

Patience, John:
1797, Strontian, FES, Vol.4, p.138; 1803, Oban, FES, Vol.4, p.101; 1804, Ardnamurchan, FES, Vol.4, p.107

Patillo, Henry:
1758, USA, FES, Vol.7, p.665

Patison, John:
1754, Bristo, Edinburgh (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.431

Paton, Andrew:
1865, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648; 1870, Penpont, FES, Vol.2, p.324; FES, Vol.8, p.184

Paton, Charles:
1780, Teviothead, FES, Vol.2, p.140; 1791, Ettrick, FES, Vol.2, p.176

Paton, Charles Donald:
1890, St Monance, Ewing, Annals

Paton, David:
1648, Kemback, FES, Vol.5, p.206; 1650, Kettins, FES, Vol.5, p.264; FES, Vol.8, p.476

Paton, David:
1841, Chapelton, FES, Vol.3, p.242; 1844, Fettercairn, Ewing, Annals

Paton, David:
1873, Dalton, Ewing, Annals

Paton, Henry:
Edinburgh, Gorgie Road, OS, Annals; 1903, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.26

Paton, Isaac:
Family, Templepatrick, Small, History, Vol.1, p.65; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.622; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.631

Paton, James of Middle Ballilisk:
1565, Muckhart, FES, Vol.5, p.67; 1572, Bishop, Dunkeld, FES, Vol.7, p.339

Paton or Pawton, James:
1567, Dunnottar, FES, Vol.5, p.459; FES, Vol.8, p.519

Paton, James of Scotston:
1680, Kettins, FES, Vol.5, p.264

Paton, James:
1709, Carrington, FES, Vol.1, p.305; FES, Vol.8, p.68

Paton, James:
1760, Craig, FES, Vol.5, p.385

Paton, James:
1760, Torphichen, FES, Vol.1, p.232

Paton, James:
1822, Longtown, FES, Vol.7, p.476

Paton, James:
1865, Airdrie, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.26; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.147

Paton, James:
1869, Holm of Balfron (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.214; Small, History, Vol.2, p.497

Paton, James:
1873, Flowerhill, FES, Vol.3, p.251; 1879, Paisley, FES, Vol.3, p.177; 1881, St Paul’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.464

Paton, James Aikman:
1879, Inch, FES, Vol.2, p.338; FES, Vol.8, p.188

Paton, James Alexander:
1877, Portmoak; 1879, Dalbeattie, Ewing, Annals

Paton, John:
1682, Insch, FES, Vol.6, p.135

Paton, John:
1783, Lasswade, FES, Vol.1, p.330

Paton, John:
1803, Shiprow, Aberdeen, Small, History, Vol.2, p.379; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.11; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.15

Paton, John:
1821, Delting, FES, Vol.7, p.307

Paton, John:
1830, Lasswade, FES, Vol.1, p.330; 1832, Ancrum, FES, Vol.2, p.101

Paton, John:
1859, Military Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.452; 1865, Indian Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.579; 1874, Dumfries, FES, Vol.2, p.268; FES, Vol.8, p.172

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Paton, John:
1884, Ardersier, FES, Vol.6, p.435

Paton, John Allan Hunter:
1858, Corsock, FES, Vol.2, p.403; 1862, Crawfordjohn, FES, Vol.3, p.299; 1866, Duddingston, FES, Vol.1, p.21; FES, Vol.8, p.6

Paton, John Gibson:
1858, New Hebrides, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.26; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.136

Paton, Joseph Thomson:
1876, Fullarton, FES, Vol.3, p.38; FES, Vol.8, p.218

Paton, Robert:
1660, Terregles, FES, Vol.2, p.296; 1690, Terregles, FES, Vol.2, p.296; FES, Vol.8, p.179; 1691, Barnweil, FES, Vol.3, p.77

Paton, Robert:
1688, Caerlaverock, FES, Vol.2, p.259; 1696, 2nd Dumfries, FES, Vol.2, p.268; 1715, 1st Dumfries, FES, Vol.2, p.266; FES, Vol.8, p.172; 1727, Greyfriars, Dumfries, FES, Vol.2, p.269

Paton or Patoun, Robert:
1722, Haddington, FES, Vol.1, p.372; 1731, Renfrew, FES, Vol.3, p.187; 1750, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.442

Paton, Robert:
1746, Lasswade, FES, Vol.1, p.330

Paton, Robert:
1824, Straiton, FES, Vol.3, p.72; McCosh, Robert Paton; 1844, St David’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.440

Paton, Robert:
1865, Kirkinner, FES, Vol.2, p.366; FES, Vol.8, p.194; see also Carstairs Hill Tree, G. Susan Davidson Reid

Paton, Robert Nicol:
1913, New Byth, FES, Vol.6, p.270; 1918, Lochgelly, FES, Vol.5, p.111; FES, Vol.8, p.432

Paton, Simon:
1571, Glendevon, FES, Vol.4, p.275

Paton, Stephen:
1709, Newlands, FES, Vol.1, p.284; FES, Vol.8, p.61

Paton, Walter Rogerson:
1870, Coatbridge, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.26; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.152; Ewing, Annals

Paton, William of Lochhead:
1588, Makerstoun, FES, Vol.2, p.78; 1592, orwell, FES, Vol.5, p.70; 1598, Dalgety, FES, Vol.5, p.21; FES, Vol.8, p.409; 1611, Aberdour, FES, Vol.5, p.2; FES, Vol.8, p.406; FES, Vol.8, p.216

Paton, William:
1724, Dailly, FES, Vol.3, p.29

Paton, William:
1755, Eckford, FES, Vol.2, p.111

Paton, William M.:
1886, Abernethy (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.586; 1895, Sandyford, Glasgow, Small, History, Vol.2, p.84

Patoun or Paton, Robert:
1722, Haddington, FES, Vol.1, p.372; 1731, Renfrew, FES, Vol.3, p.187; 1750, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.442

Patoun, William:
1592, Saline, FES, Vol.8, p.414

Patrick, Andrew or John?:
1563, Arbuthnott, FES, Vol.8, p.516; 1563, Kinneff, FES, Vol.8, p.523; Patrick, John:
1563, Marykirk, FES, Vol.8, p.524

Patrick, James:
1865, Catrine (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.2, p.350; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.610

Patrick, James:
1868, Dromore, UOS, Annals; Carnoustie, United Original Secession, Scott, Annals, p.287

Patrick, James:
1891, Glasgow, Mains Street, UOS, Annals

Patrick, John or Andrew:
1563, Arbuthnott, FES, Vol.8, p.516; 1563, Kinneff, FES, Vol.8, p.523; 1563, Marykirk, FES, Vol.8, p.524

Patrick, John:
1740, London, FES, Vol.7, p.498

Patrick, John:
1879, Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.110; 1880, Monkton, FES, Vol.3, p.58; 1887, Greenside, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.32; 1898, Professor, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.7, p.389; FES, Vol.8, p.716

Patrick, Joseph:
1844, Ochiltree, Ewing, Annals

Patrick, Millar:
1894, Moat Park, Biggar (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.408; 1899, Trinity, Ayr (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.333

Patrick, Thomas Wylie:
1871, Rutherglen, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.27; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.154; Ewing, Annals

Patrick, William:
1802, Lockerbie (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.42; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.213; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.456

Patrick, William:
1878, Kirkintilloch; 1892, St Paul’s, Dundee, Ewing, Annals

Patterson, Alexander Simpson:
1837, Whitehaven, FES, Vol.7, p.477; 1839, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.416; Ewing, Annals; Small, History, Vol.1, p.517

Patterson, J.:
1846, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.596

Patterson, James:
1834, Ballymogra, Ireland (Burgher), Scott, Annals, p.353

Patterson, James:
1855, Ardentinny, FES, Vol.8, p.316

Patterson, James:
1866, Saughtree, FES, Vol.2, p.238; 1870, Ancrum, FES, Vol.2, p.101

Patterson, James:
1876, Hexham, FES, Vol.7, p.511

Patterson, James:
1888, Knockbracken, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.27

Patterson, James Dykes:
1874, Newfoundland, FES, Vol.7, p.660

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Patterson, John:
1844, Anderston, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.390; 1850, Fullarton, FES, Vol.3, p.38

Patterson, John:
1887, Garelochhead, FES, Vol.3, p.347; FES, Vol.8, p.277

Patterson, John Aikman:
1883, Pitsligo, Ewing, Annals

Patterson, John Brown:
1830, Falkirk, FES, Vol.1, p.207; Small, History, Vol.1, p.517

Patterson, John Thomas:
1900, Southwick, FES, Vol.2, p.295; FES, Vol.8, p.178; ____, Hospital Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.455

Patterson, W. J.:
1893, Leven (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.402

Patteson, Edward:
1846, Ellsridgehill, Ewing, Annals

Patteson, Thomas James:
1842, Ireland, Ewing, Annals

Pattison, James:
1778, Moniaive (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.259; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.324; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.261; Call, Scott, Annals, p.292

Patton, John:
1683, Insch, FES, Vol.6, p.158

Pattoun, John:
1575, Saline, FES, Vol.8, p.414

Patullo, George:
1605, Cargill, FES, Vol.8, p.347

Pattullo, George:
1610, Newtyle, FES, Vol.5, p.271

Pattullo, George:
1647, Newtyle, FES, Vol.5, p.272; 1663, Kingsbarns, FES, Vol.5, p.216; FES, Vol.8, p.460; 1677, Provost, St Salvator’s, FES, Vol.7, p.411

Patullo or Pittillok, Henry:
1620, Carmylie, FES, Vol.5, p.432

Pattullo, Henry Alexander:
1856, Skelmorlie, FES, Vol.3, p.219; 1859, Parton, FES, Vol.2, p.422; FES, Vol.8, p.208

Pattullo, James Leburn:
1883, New Zealand, FES, Vol.7, p.605; FES, Vol.8, p.734; PCNZ, Ministers’ Register

Pattullo, James Mitchell:
1894, Morham, FES, Vol.1, p.379; FES, Vol.8, p.96

Paul, David:
1869, Morebattle, FES, Vol.2, p.82; 1876, Roxburgh, FES, Vol.2, p.88; 1896, Robertson Memorial, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.88; FES, Vol.8, p.14; 1915, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.447

Paul, Hamilton:
1813, Broughton, FES, Vol.1, p.242

Paul, James:
1890, Lochlee, Ewing, Annals

Paul, James T.:
1850, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Paul, John:
1720, Rothes, FES, Vol.6, p.349

Paul, John:
1817, Straiton, FES, Vol.3, p.53; 1823, Maybole, FES, Vol.3, p.72; 1828, St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.98; McCosh, John Paul; FES, Vol.8, p.19; 1847, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.445; see also Balfour Tree, D.

Paul, John:
1830, Sanday (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.494

Paul, John:
1904, Corsock, FES, Vol.2, p.404; FES, Vol.8, p.203

Paul, Robert:
1870, Coldstream; 1879, Dollar and Muckhart, Ewing, Annals

Paul, Robert John:
1898, Coldstream, FES, Vol.2, p.42; 1912, Elder Park, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.408; 1920, Craigie, FES, Vol.8, p.215

Paul, William:
1779, Newbattle, FES, Vol.1, p.334; 1786, St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.102; see also Balfour Tree, D. Susan Moncreiff

Paul, William:
1802, Maryculter, FES, Vol.6, p.62

Paul, William:
1826, Banchory Devenick, FES, Vol.6, p.45; FES, Vol.8, p.536

Paul, William:
1857, Whitekirk, FES, Vol.1, p.424; see also Balfour Tree, D.

Paulin, George:
1870, Muckhart, FES, Vol.5, p.70; FES, Vol.8, p.420

Paull, James:
1805, College, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.9; 1813, Tullynessle, FES, Vol.6, p.145; 1846, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.444

Paull, James:
1720, Bermuda, FES, Vol.7, p.661

Paull, William:
1858, Tullynessle, FES, Vol.6, p.145; FES, Vol.8, p.561

Pawton or Paton, James:
1567, Dunnottar, FES, Vol.5, p.459; FES, Vol.8, p.519

Paxton, George:
1789, Kilmaurs (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.279; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.563; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.416; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.312; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.684; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.361; Scott, Annals, p.549; 1821, Edinburgh, Infirmary Street, Scott, Annals, p.326; General, Scott, Annals, p.102; General, Scott, Annals, p.104; General, Scott, Annals, p.61; General, Scott, Annals, p.131; General, Scott, Annals, p.596; General, Scott, Annals, p.605; see also Jolly Tree, A.1.1.

Paxton, John Dunlop:
1846, Kirriemuir (Constitutional), Scott, Annals, p.393; 1849, East Campbell Street, Glasgow (Burgher), Scott, Annals, p.345; General, Scott, Annals, p.194; Call, Scott, Annals, p.387; 1858, Musselburgh, Ewing, Annals

Paxton, Richard:
1786, Penrith, FES, Vol.7, p.476; 1791, Tundergarth, FES, Vol.2, p.223

Peace, Peter:
Call, Blyth, Small, History, Vol.1, p.464

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Peacock, Adam:
1669, Ednam, FES, Vol.2, p.69; 1683, Morebattle, FES, Vol.2, p.81

Peacock, Patrick:
1656, Kirkmabreck, FES, Vol.2, p.367; 1672, Ochiltree, FES, Vol.3, p.61; ____, Ireland, FES, Vol.7, p.532; 1690, Kirkmabreck, FES, Vol.2, p.368

Peacock, Patrick Hutchison:
1820, South, Langholm (Relief), Small, History, Vol.1, p.53; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.380

Pears, John:
1825, Sunderland, FES, Vol.7, p.482; 1829, South Africa, FES, Vol.7, p.563

Pearson, Andrew Forret Scott:
1914, West Kilbride, FES, Vol.3, p.130; FES, Vol.8, p.236

Pearson, Francis:
1639, Kirkmichael, FES, Vol.4, p.164

Pearson, Francis:
1649, Kirkmichael, FES, Vol.4, p.164

Pearson, James:
1829, Kilmeny, FES, Vol.4, p.77; Ewing, Annals

Pearson, James:
1842, Strathblane, FES, Vol.3, p.368

Pearson, James Hardie:
1898, Lady, FES, Vol.7, p.265; FES, Vol.8, p.699

Pearson, John:
1687, Kirkmichael, FES, Vol.4, p.164

Pearson, Robert:
1780, Biggar, FES, Vol.1, p.239; Small, History, Vol.2, p.409; 1787, Ladykirk, FES, Vol.2, p.54; FES, Vol.8, p.127

Pearson, Rodolph:
1561, Glasserton, FES, Vol.8, p.193

Pearson, Thomas:
1843, Eyemouth (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.1, p.424; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.317; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.425

Pearson, Thomas:
1877, East Kilbride, Ewing, Annals

Pearson, Thomas:
1878, Hurlford, FES, Vol.3, p.96; 1880, Cupar, FES, Vol.5, p.147; 1887, Newhaven, FES, Vol.1, p.153; FES, Vol.8, p.28

Peat, Alexander:
1805, Glenisla, FES, Vol.5, p.262

Peat, John Chalmers:
1894, Kilmadock, FES, Vol.4, p.348; FES, Vol.8, p.398

Peat, Patrick:
1595, Cults, FES, Vol.5, p.138; FES, Vol.8, p.441

Peat or Pate, Samuel:
1790, Gigha, FES, Vol.4, p.55

Peathine or Pethein or Peden, Alexander:
1659, New Luce, FES, Vol.2, p.345; FES, Vol.8, p.190

Peattie, George:
1888, Kirkcolm, Ewing, Annals

Peattie, James Colville:
1888, Kirkcolm, Ewing, Annals

Peattie, John:
1892, Langton, FES, Vol.2, p.24; FES, Vol.8, p.120

Pedder, Alexander:
1560, Avoch, FES, Vol.7, p.1; FES, Vol.8, p.655; 1560, Urray, FES, Vol.7, p.49; FES, Vol.8, p.662

Peddie or Pedey, Alexander:
1669, Lunan, FES, Vol.5, p.446

Peddie, James:
1783, Bristo, Edinburgh (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.431; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.252; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.506; Scott, Annals, p.41

Peddie, John:
1856, Papa Westray, Ewing, Annals

Peddie, William:
1828, Bristo, Edinburgh (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.432

Peden or Peathine or Pethein, Alexander:
1659, New Luce, FES, Vol.2, p.345; FES, Vol.8, p.190

Peden, George:
1711, Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.107; FES, Vol.8, p.233

Peden, John:
1838, East Regent Place, Glasgow (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.2, p.70; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.5

Peden, Robert:
1844, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Pedey or Peddie, Alexander:
1669, Lunan, FES, Vol.5, p.446

Peebles, Andrew:
1601, Dysart, FES, Vol.8, p.425

Peebles, Andrew:
1843, St Vigeans, Ewing, Annals

Peebles, Bernard:
1568, Inchinnan, FES, Vol.3, p.144; FES, Vol.8, p.239

Peebles, Guy Steel:
1900, Kinloss, FES, Vol.6, p.426; 1907, South, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.32; 1911, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.143; 1918, Uddingston, FES, Vol.3, p.282; FES, Vol.8, p.264

Peebles, Hugh of Mainshall:
1647, Lochwinnoch, FES, Vol.3, p.152; 1676, Lochwinnoch, FES, Vol.3, p.153; 1687, Lochwinnoch, FES, Vol.3, p.153

Peebles, John:
1618, Kinneil, FES, Vol.1, p.211

Peebles, Robert:
1635, Kirkmichael, FES, Vol.3, p.44; FES, Vol.8, p.219

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Peebles, Thomas:
1588, Kinneil, FES, Vol.1, p.211

Peebles, Thomas:
1634, Mauchline, FES, Vol.3, p.49

Peebles, Thomas:
1645, Ireland, FES, Vol.7, p.532

Peebles, William:
1778, Newton on Ayr, FES, Vol.3, p.13

Peebles, William Stewart:
1888, Annan, Ewing, Annals

Peirson, Peter:
1669, Carmichael, FES, Vol.3, p.288; 1684, Carsphairn, FES, Vol.2, p.401

Peirson, Robert:
1635, Firth, FES, Vol.7, p.235

Peirson, Rodolph:
1567, Glasserton, FES, Vol.2, p.359

Peirson, Thomas:
1777, Amsterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.538; 1779, Rotterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.552

Peirsoune, James of Kippenross:
1623, Dunblane, FES, Vol.4, p.343

Penman, ____:
1733, Church of Scotland, Small, History, Vol.1, p.674

Penman, Adam:
1624, Cockpen, FES, Vol.1, p.307; FES, Vol.8, p.70

Penman, Gideon:
1639, Crichton, FES, Vol.1, p.312

Penman, John:
1744, Bothkennar, FES, Vol.4, p.300

Penman, William:
1599, Crichton, FES, Vol.1, p.312

Penman, William:
1634, Morebattle, FES, Vol.2, p.80

Pennell, James:
1855, Dunfermline, FES, Vol.5, p.38; 1857, Ballingry, FES, Vol.5, p.59; FES, Vol.8, p.417

Pennell, William Joseph:
1899, Borgue, FES, Vol.2, p.398; FES, Vol.8, p.201

Penney, Robert:
1846, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Pennycook, Alexander:
1854, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.597

Pennycook, Peter:
1863, Portsmouth, FES, Vol.7, p.483; 1866, Carnock, FES, Vol.5, p.12

Pennycuick, William:
1573, Urr, FES, Vol.8, p.181

Penycuke, William:
1556, Penicuik, FES, Vol.1, p.343; FES, Vol.8, p.81

Peock, Andrew Leiper:
1847, Bridge of Weir, Ewing, Annals; Scott, Annals, p.280

Perry, Hutcheson:
1821, Burgher, Student, Scott, Annals, p.495

Peter, George:
1839, Kemnay, FES, Vol.6, p.167

Peter, James:
1830, Leslie, FES, Vol.6, p.172

Peter, James:
1854, Deer, FES, Vol.6, p.217; see also Barclay Tree,

Peter, John:
1627, St Andrews, FES, Vol.6, p.399

Peter, Thomas Burnett:
1893, Cleish, FES, Vol.5, p.62; 1907, Port of Menteith, FES, Vol.4, p.361; 1916, Callander, FES, Vol.4, p.341; FES, Vol.8, p.397

Peterkin, William:
1567, Dundurcas, FES, Vol.6, p.339; 1567, Speymouth, FES, Vol.6, p.402; FES, Vol.8, p.638; 1568, Boharm, FES, Vol.6, p.336; FES, Vol.8, p.611

Peterkin, William:
1768, Macduff, FES, Vol.6, p.267; 1785, Leadhills, FES, Vol.3, p.312; 1787, Ecclesmachan, FES, Vol.1, p.204

Peterkin, William:
1774, 2nd Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.394; 1788, 1st Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.391; see also Bayne Tree, F. Sarabella Morison

Peters, Alexander:
1784, Logie, FES, Vol.5, p.404; 1809, St John’s, Dundee, FES, Vol.5, p.328

Peters, David Smith:
1875, Newton on Ayr, FES, Vol.3, p.15; 1877, Greenock, FES, Vol.3, p.203; FES, Vol.8, p.248

Peters, William:
1845, Kinross, FES, Vol.5, p.67; FES, Vol.8, p.419

Pethein or Peden or Peathine, Alexander:
1659, New Luce, FES, Vol.2, p.345; FES, Vol.8, p.190

Petilloch, John:
1586, Biggar, FES, Vol.1, p.238

Petilloch or Makcullo, John:
1594, Broughton, FES, Vol.1, p.240; 1595, Yetholm, FES, Vol.2, p.94

Petrie, Adam:
1732, Walston, FES, Vol.1, p.263

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Petrie, Alexander:
1632, Rhynd, FES, Vol.4, p.243; FES, Vol.8, p.371; 1643, Rotterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.550

Petrie, Alexander:
1644, Rotterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.550; 1645, Delft, FES, Vol.7, p.543

Petrie, George:
1904, St Clement’s, British Guiana, FES, Vol.7, p.676; 1918, Toward, FES, Vol.4, p.26; 1918, Kininmouth, FES, Vol.6, p.226; FES, Vol.8, p.582

Petrie, James:
1665, Terregles, FES, Vol.2, p.296

Petrie, James:
1668, Kilmaurs, FES, Vol.3, p.113

Petrie, Peter:
1828, St John’s, Leith, FES, Vol.1, p.158; 1831, Kirkwall, FES, Vol.7, p.227; 1844, Summerton, Govan, Ewing, Annals

Petrie, Robert:
1734, Canonbie, FES, Vol.2, p.229

Pettie, Robert Douglas:
1927, Saughtree, FES, Vol.8, p.164

Pettigrew, Alexander:
1847, Balbeggie (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.652; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.615

Pettigrew, John:
1688, Govan, FES, Vol.3, p.412; FES, Vol.8, p.294

Pettigrew, John:
1861, Holm (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.496; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.81; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.224

Pettigrew, Samuel:
Antiburgher, Student, c.1851, Scott, Annals, p.590

Pettigrew, William Adair:
1828, Dysart (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.385; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.400; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.502

Peyton, William Wynne:
1864, Portsoy; 1878, St Luke’s, Broughty Ferry, Ewing, Annals

Philip, Adam:
1881, Longforgan, Ewing, Annals

Philip, Alexander:
1719, Kinairney, FES, Vol.6, p.110; 1720, Deskford, FES, Vol.6, p.285; 1730, Boyndie, FES, Vol.6, p.279

Philip, Alexander:
1836, John Knox, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.11; 1838, Cruden, FES, Vol.6, p.189; FES, Vol.8, p.572; 1845, Abbey, Dunfermline; 1849, St Philip’s, Portobello, Ewing, Annals

Philip, Alfred Morrison:
1885, Crown Court, London, FES, Vol.7, p.469; 1892, Avoch, FES, Vol.7, p.3

Philip or Philp, Andrew:
1567, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.141; FES, Vol.8, p.679; 1574, Latheron, FES, Vol.7, p.125; 1576, Thurso, FES, Vol.7, p.135

Philip, David:
1609, Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.393; FES, Vol.8, p.636

Philip, George:
1843, Stonehaven; 1851, Union, Glasgow; 1866, St John’s, Edinburgh, Ewing, Annals

Philip, George:
1864, Ythan Wells, FES, Vol.6, p.273

Philip, George Forbes Innes:
1868, Skene, FES, Vol.6, p.76; 1870, St Clement’s, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.28; 1879, New Deer, FES, Vol.6, p.220; FES, Vol.8, p.581

Philip, Henry of Almeriecloss:
1594, Creich, FES, Vol.5, p.136; 1601, Arbroath, FES, Vol.5, p.423

Philip, Herman:
1841, Missionary, Ewing, Annals

Philip, Horace Robert Andrew:
1921, Missionary, FES, Vol.7, p.705; FES, Vol.8, p.741

Philip, James:
1622, Lunan, FES, Vol.5, p.445

Philip, James:
1876, Lyon Street, Glasgow; 1881, St Stephen’s, Carnoustie, Ewing, Annals

Philip, James Gibson:
1898, Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.579; FES, Vol.8, p.732

Philip or Philp, John:
1563, Skene, FES, Vol.8, p.542; 1563, Forbes, FES, Vol.8, p.561; 1567, Alford, FES, Vol.6, p.117; FES, Vol.8, p.555; 1567, Huntly, FES, Vol.6, p.316; FES, Vol.8, p.607; 1574, Kinedward, FES, Vol.6, p.264; 1574, Turriff, FES, Vol.6, p.271; 1589, Keith, FES, Vol.6, p.319; 1590, Forgue, FES, Vol.6, p.253; 1591, Rothiemay, FES, Vol.6, p.331

Philip, John:
1661, Kirkurd, FES, Vol.1, p.277; 1678, Queensferry, FES, Vol.1, p.225; FES, Vol.8, p.48

Philip, John:
1668, Comrie, FES, Vol.4, p.263

Philip, John:
1844, Fordoun, Ewing, Annals

Philip, Pirie:
1879, Kells, FES, Vol.2, p.413 ; FES, Vol.8, p.204

Philip, Robert:
1579, Dingwall, FES, Vol.7, p.32; FES, Vol.8, p.659

Philip, Robert:
1846, Ellon; 1853, Dunbarney; 1857, McCrie, Edinburgh, Ewing, Annals; Scott, Annals, p.324

Philip, Robert George:
1896, Glencairn, Ewing, Annals

Philip, William Hill:
1877, Harray, Ewing, Annals; PCNZ, Ministers’ Register

Philip, William Marshall:
1863, Nova Scotia, FES, Vol.7, p.617; 1870, Skene, FES, Vol.6, p.76; FES, Vol.8, p.543

Philips, James:
1807, Chirnside, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.27; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.94

Phillip, Thomas:
1872, Catrine, FES, Vol.3, p.19

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Philp or Philip, Andrew:
1567, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.141; FES, Vol.8, p.679; 1574, Latheron, FES, Vol.7, p.125; 1576, Thurso, FES, Vol.7, p.135

Philp, James:
1567, Spynie, FES, Vol.6, p.405

Philp, John, Sir:
1561, Chapel of Garioch, FES, Vol.8, p.563

Philp or Philip, John:
1563, Skene, FES, Vol.8, p.542; 1563, Forbes, FES, Vol.8, p.561; 1567, Alford, FES, Vol.6, p.117; FES, Vol.8, p.555; 1567, Huntly, FES, Vol.6, p.316; FES, Vol.8, p.607; 1574, Kinedward, FES, Vol.6, p.264; 1574, Turriff, FES, Vol.6, p.271; 1589, Keith, FES, Vol.6, p.319; 1590, Forgue, FES, Vol.6, p.253; 1591, Rothiemay, FES, Vol.6, p.331

Philp, George:
1864, Trinity, Saltcoats (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.306; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.321; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.392

Philp, William:
1567, Walls, FES, Vol.7, p.317

Philps, George Mitchell:
1882, East, Forfar; 1898, Union, Glasgow, Ewing, Annals

Phimister, Alexander:
1874, Gordon, Ewing, Annals

Phin, George:
1649, Symington, FES, Vol.1, p.260; 1661, Slamannan, FES, Vol.1, p.228; FES, Vol.8, p.48

Phin, Kenneth Macleay:
1841, Galashiels, FES, Vol.2, p.178; FES, Vol.8, p.149; McCosh, Kenneth Macleay, Phin; 1877, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.445

Phin, Robert:
1813, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.142

Phin, William:
1843, Olrig, FES, Vol.7, p.130

Picken, James:
Call, Probationer, Small, History, Vol.1, p.126

Picken, John:
1720, Cumbrae, FES, Vol.3, p.191

Picken, John:
1890, Libberton, FES, Vol.1, p.256; FES, Vol.8, p.55

Pierson, David:
1664, Kilbarchan, FES, Vol.3, p.149; 1670, Kirkcaldy, FES, Vol.5, p.105

Pierson, Henry:
1635, Bedrule, FES, Vol.2, p.103

Pierson, Thomas:
1637, Forfar, FES, Vol.5, p.285

Pierson, William:
1560, Cross, FES, Vol.7, p.258; FES, Vol.8, p.699; 1574, Deerness, FES, Vol.7, p.210; 1574, Ham, FES, Vol.7, p.217

Pierson, William:
1659, Kinnaird in Gowrie, FES, Vol.5, p.345; 1659, Kinnaird [Brechin], FES, Vol.5, p.395; 1663, Paisley, FES, Vol.3, p.164; 1666, Dunfermline, FES, Vol.5, p.28; 1676, East, Stirling, FES, Vol.4, p.320; FES, Vol.8, p.393

Piggot or Piggott, John:
1622, Lethnot, FES, Vol.5, p.399; 1637, Cortachy, FES, Vol.5, p.280

Piggot, William:
1583, Kirriemuir, FES, Vol.5, p.296

Pigott, Alexander:
1662, Kinnettles, FES, Vol.5, p.294; 1666, Airth, FES, Vol.4, p.290

Piggott or Piggot, John:
1622, Lethnot, FES, Vol.5, p.399; 1637, Cortachy, FES, Vol.5, p.280

Pilmair, John:
1578, Deskford, FES, Vol.8, p.598

Pilmar, Peter:
1703, Forgandenny, FES, Vol.4, p.210

Pinkerton, James:
1767, Campbeltown (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.186

Pinkerton, John:
1728, Lochwinnoch, FES, Vol.3, p.153

Pinkerton, John:
1744, Dalziel, FES, Vol.3, p.249; 1758, Markinch, FES, Vol.5, p.113

Pinkerton, Robert Lang:
1915, Lanark, FES, Vol.3, p.311; FES, Vol.8, p.270; 1924, Ecclesmachan, FES, Vol.8, p.41

Pinkerton, William:
1846, Kilwinning, Ewing, Annals

Pirie, Alexander:
1760, Abernethy (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.586; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.695; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.514

Pirie, Alexander:
1775, West, Linlithgow (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.689; 1782, Greyfriars, Glasgow (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.24; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.598; Scott, Annals, p.339

Pirie, Alexander Irvine:
1883, Rousay (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.2, p.508

Pirie, George:
1794, Slains, FES, Vol.6, p.202

Pirie, James:
1855, Canada, Ewing, Annals

Pirie, John:
1771, Lochlee, FES, Vol.5, p.402

Pirie, John:
1859, Cowgate, Edinburgh; 1881, Guthrie Memorial, Edinburgh, Ewing, Annals

Pirie, Thomas Morrison:
1864, Seafield, FES, Vol.6, p.297; 1867, Knockando, FES, Vol.6, p.347

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Pirie, William Robinson:
1830, Dyce, FES, Vol.6, p.55; 1843, Professor, Marischal, FES, Vol.7, p.363; 1846, College, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.9; 1860, Professor, King’s, FES, Vol.7, p.374; 1864, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.445; 1877, Principal, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.7, p.379; FES, Vol.8, p.715

Pirie, William Robinson:
1876, Martyrs’, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.423; 1878, North, Stirling, FES, Vol.4, p.330; 1881, Keith, FES, Vol.6, p.321; 1898, Nairn, FES, Vol.6, p.444; FES, Vol.8, p.649

Pirret, David:
1860, Burnbank, Glasgow, Small, History, Vol.2, p.82; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.262

Pirret, Joseph Brown:
1893, Thornhill (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.262; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.101

Pitblado, John:
1567, Arngask, FES, Vol.5, p.56

Pitcairn, Alexander:
1617, Tannadice, FES, Vol.5, p.304

Pitcairn, Alexander:
1656, Dron, FES, Vol.4, p.202; FES, Vol.8, p.362; 1690, Dron, FES, Vol.4, p.202; 1691, Provost, St Salvator’s, FES, Vol.7, p.411; 1693, Principal, St Mary’s, FES, Vol.7, p.421

Pitcairn, Alexander:
1666, Sandwick, FES, Vol.7, p.251; 1672, South Ronaldsay, FES, Vol.7, p.231

Pitcairn, Alexander:
1697, Kilmany, FES, Vol.5, p.161

Pitcairn, Alexander:
1752, Fair Isle, FES, Vol.7, p.285; 1758, Shapinsay, FES, Vol.7, p.270

Pitcairn, Andrew:
1585, Westray, FES, Vol.7, p.276

Pitcairn, David:
1695, Creich, FES, Vol.5, p.137; 1699, Forres, FES, Vol.6, p.422; 1708, Dysart, FES, Vol.5, p.86; FES, Vol.8, p.425

Pitcairn, David:
1830, Evie, FES, Vol.7, p.216; McCosh, David, Pitcairn

Pitcairn, Henry:
1652, Logie, FES, Vol.5, p.163

Pitcairn, James:
1564, Scone, FES, Vol.8, p.374

Pitcairn, James:
1579, Northmavine, FES, Vol.7, p.312; FES, Vol.8, p.706

Pitcairn, James or John:
1585, Strathmiglo, FES, Vol.5, p.174; 1588, Kettle, FES, Vol.5, p.158; 1589, Falkland, FES, Vol.5, p.152; FES, Vol.8, p.445

Pitcairn, James:
1676, Ireland, FES, Vol.7, p.532; 1688, Burntisland, FES, Vol.5, p.82; 1691, Kettle, FES, Vol.5, p.159

Pitcairn, John:
1573, Inverkeilor, FES, Vol.5, p.438; FES, Vol.8, p.512

Pitcairn, John:
1574, Rhynd, FES, Vol.4, p.243; 1583, Abernethy, FES, Vol.4, p.196

Pitcairn, John or James:
1585, Strathmiglo, FES, Vol.5, p.174; 1588, Kettle, FES, Vol.5, p.158; 1589, Falkland, FES, Vol.5, p.152; FES, Vol.8, p.445

Pitcairn, John:
1701, Firth, FES, Vol.7, p.235; 1714, Hoy, FES, Vol.7, p.244

Pitcairn, John:
1792, East, Kelso (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.269; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.12; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.43; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.46; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.435; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.522

Pitcairn, Joseph:
1700, Newburgh, FES, Vol.5, p.171; 1701, Kingsbarns, FES, Vol.5, p.216

Pitcairn, Joseph:
1742, Carnbee, FES, Vol.5, p.189

Pitcairn, Robert:
1572, Uphall, FES, Vol.8, p.49

Pitcairn, Robert:
1705, Ruthven, FES, Vol.5, p.274

Pitcairn, Thomas:
1720, Lauder, FES, Vol.2, p.154; 1735, St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.97; FES, Vol.8, p.18

Pitcairn, Thomas:
1833, Cockpen, FES, Vol.1, p.308; Ewing, Annals

Pitcairn, William:
1696, Collessie, FES, Vol.5, p.134

Pitcaithly, Laurence:
1834, Carnoustie (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.107

Pitt, John:
1870, 2nd Dunfermline, FES, Vol.5, p.36; 1880, 1st Dunfermline, FES, Vol.5, p.33

Pitt, Thomas Cooling:
1881, Denholm, Ewing, Annals

Pittendrigh, George:
1886, Madras, Ewing, Annals

Pittendrigh, George Gordon:
1843, Alnwick, FES, Vol.7, p.504; 1844, St David’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.104

Pittendrigh, James:
1866, Pittenweem (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.388

Pittilloch, William:
1576, Eassie, FES, Vol.5, p.259

Pittillok or Patullo, Henry:
1620, Carmylie, FES, Vol.5, p.432

Platt, William Francis:
1783, Sunderland, FES, Vol.7, p.481

Playfair, Andrew:
1613, Aberdalgie, FES, Vol.4, p.193; see also Bayne Tree, E.1.1. Murdoch Macdonald

Playfair, David:
1843, Abercorn, FES, Vol.1, p.191; FES, Vol.8, p.36

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Playfair, James:
1743, Benvie, FES, Vol.5, p.351; 1758, Liff, FES, Vol.5, p.348

Playfair, James:
1770, Newtyle, FES, Vol.5, p.272; 1777, Meigle, FES, Vol.5, p.271; 1799, St Leonard’s, FES, Vol.5, p.243; 1799, Principal, St Leonard’s, etc, FES, Vol.7, p.415; see also McBean Fraser Tree, William Fraser

Playfair, James:
1781, Bendochy, FES, Vol.5, p.254

Playfair, John:
1773, Liff, FES, Vol.5, p.348

Playfair, Patrick:
1611, Aberdalgie, FES, Vol.8, p.360

Playfair, Patrick Macdonald:
1886, Glencairn, FES, Vol.2, p.316; 1899, St Andrews, FES, Vol.5, p.237; FES, Vol.8, p.469

Plenderleath, David:
1732, ormiston, FES, Vol.1, p.342; 1746, Dalkeith, FES, Vol.1, p.316; 1765, The Tolbooth, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.124; FES, Vol.8, p.24

Plenderleath, Patrick:
1701, Saline, FES, Vol.5, p.50

Plummer, Andrew:
1754, Broughton, FES, Vol.1, p.241

Poilsoun or Polson, Hew:
1576, Reay, FES, Vol.7, p.132

Pollock, Alexander:
1846, South, Paisley, Ewing, Annals

Pollock or Pollok, George:
1673, Ballantrae, FES, Vol.2, p.332; 1682, Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.105

Pollock, James:
1615, Ruthwell, FES, Vol.2, p.254

Pollock, James:
1861, Dunscore, Ewing, Annals

Pollock, James Ferrier:
1904, Dennistoun, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.470; 1908, Portmoak, FES, Vol.5, p.75; FES, Vol.8, p.421; 1926, Grahamston, FES, Vol.8, p.43

Pollock, John:
1704, Glencairn, FES, Vol.2, p.315; 1718, Roxburgh, FES, Vol.2, p.87

Pollock, John:
1791, Govan, FES, Vol.3, p.413

Pollock, John:
1836, Duntocher, FES, Vol.3, p.344; 1838, Baldernock, FES, Vol.3, p.328; FES, Vol.8, p.273; Ewing, Annals

Pollock, John:
1880, Freuchie (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.202; 1885, Merchiston, Edinburgh, Small, History, Vol.1, p.492; 1891, Shamrock Street, Glasgow (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.78

Pollock, John Barr:
1865, East, Galashiels (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.468

Pollock, John James Wright:
1878, Mauchline; 1887, High, Arbroath, Ewing, Annals

Pollock, Patrick:
1715, South Knapdale, FES, Vol.4, p.18

Pollock, Robert:
1744, Duddingston, FES, Vol.1, p.19; 1745, Greyfriars, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.8; 1745, Professor, Marischal, FES, Vol.7, p.363; 1757, Principal, Marischal, FES, Vol.7, p.359; FES, Vol.8, p.712

Pollock, Robert:
1896, Irvine (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.300

Pollock, Thomas:
1770, Thomas, FES, Vol.3, p.118

Pollock, William:
1706, USA, FES, Vol.7, p.665

Pollock, William:
1731, Killellan, FES, Vol.3, p.142

Pollok, Allan:
1853, Nova Scotia, FES, Vol.7, p.617; Small, History, Vol.2, p.394

Pollok, David:
1603, Dalziel, FES, Vol.3, p.248; 1604, Glenluce, FES, Vol.2, p.347; see also Carstairs Hill Tree, F. Margaret Boyd

Pollok, George:
1650, Abbey St Bathans, FES, Vol.2, p.2; 1663, Cockburnspath, FES, Vol.1, p.403

Pollok or Pollock, George:
1673, Ballantrae, FES, Vol.2, p.332; 1682, Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.105

Pollok, John:
1661, Stenton, FES, Vol.1, p.421

Pollok, Robert:
1826, Buckhaven (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.394; 1846, Kingston, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.420

Pollok, Thomas:
1723, Ednam, FES, Vol.2, p.69; FES, Vol.8, p.130

Polson, Hew:
1574, Lairg, FES, Vol.7, p.92

Polson or Poilsoun, Hew:
1576, Reay, FES, Vol.7, p.132

Polson, John:
1856, Blackfriars, Jedburgh (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.256

Polson, William:
1849, Cluny, FES, Vol.6, p.88; 1850, Wemyss, FES, Vol.5, p.121; see also Cumming Turing Tree, G. Catherine Scott

Polwart or Polwarth, Andrew:
1574, Paisley, FES, Vol.3, p.161; 1578, Cadder, FES, Vol.3, p.372

Pont or Kylpont or Kynpont, James:
1562, Melrose, FES, Vol.2, p.187

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Pont, Robert:
1567, Birnie, FES, Vol.8, p.622

Pont or Kylpont or Kynpont, Robert:
1562, Dunblane, FES, Vol.4, p.342; 1562, Dunkeld, FES, Vol.4, p.154; 1563, Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.388; 1570, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.438; 1574, 2nd St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.99; FES, Vol.8, p.18; 1575 etc, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.439; 1578, 1st St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.93; 1581, St Andrews, FES, Vol.5, p.231; FES, Vol.8, p.468; 1590, Bishop, Caithness, FES, Vol.7, p.336

Pont, Timothy:
1601, Dunnet, FES, Vol.7, p.119

Pont, Zachary:
1608, Bower, FES, Vol.7, p.113

Ponton, Robert:
1707, Kinghorn, FES, Vol.5, p.95; 1716, Kennoway, FES, Vol.5, p.92; FES, Vol.8, p.426

Ponton, Walter:
1729, Glenrinnes, FES, Vol.6, p.343; 1736, Glenlivet, FES, Vol.6, p.341

Poole, John:
1777, Belford, FES, Vol.7, p.505; 1786, Hexham, FES, Vol.7, p.511

Pope, Alexander:
1734, Reay, FES, Vol.7, p.132

Pope or Paip, Hector:
1682, Loth, FES, Vol.7, p.95

Pope, James:
1779, Reay, FES, Vol.7, p.133

Pope or Pape, Thomas:
1590, Rogart, FES, Vol.7, p.97; 1614, Cullicudden, FES, Vol.7, p.21

Pope or Pape, William:
1580, Ardersier, FES, Vol.6, p.433

Pope or Pape, William:
1588, Dornoch, FES, Vol.7, p.83; 1613, Nigg, FES, Vol.7, p.65

Porteous, Alexander:
1576, Bressay, FES, Vol.7, p.279

Porteous, Andrew M.:
1883, Cullen (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.1, p.134; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.229

Porteous, Archibald:
1640, Oxnam, FES, Vol.2, p.135; FES, Vol.8, p.141

Porteous, Archibald:
1652, Covington, FES, Vol.1, p.248; 1672, Cumbrae, FES, Vol.3, p.190

Porteous, David John Moir:
1890, Argentina, FES, Vol.7, p.683; 1894, Mid Calder, FES, Vol.1, p.178; 1907, Port Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.218; FES, Vol.8, p.250

Porteous, George:
1860, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Porteous, James:
1609, Soutra, FES, Vol.1, p.321; 1612, Fala, FES, Vol.1, p.318; 1616, Glencorse, FES, Vol.8, p.74; 1616, Lasswade, FES, Vol.1, p.329; FES, Vol.8, p.78

Porteous, James:
1629, Borthwick, FES, Vol.1, p.301

Porteous, James of Dalvich:
1730, Monzievaird, FES, Vol.4, p.282

Porteous, James:
1742, Wiston, FES, Vol.3, p.321

Porteous, James:
1815, High Street, Jedburgh (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.261; 1840, East, Coldstream (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.272; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.437; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.271; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.265

Porteous, James:
1837, Riccarton, FES, Vol.3, p.64; 1843, Prestonkirk, FES, Vol.1, p.417

Porteous, James:
1843, Ballantrae, Ewing, Annals

Porteous, James Moir:
1868, Wanlockhead; 1881, Cowgatehead, Ewing, Annals

Porteous, John:
1568, Glenholm, FES, Vol.8, p.52

Porteous, John:
1574, Inveraven, FES, Vol.6, p.344

Porteous, John:
1734, Kilmuir Easter, FES, Vol.7, p.58

Porteous, John:
1880, Oakshaw Street, Paisley (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.516

Porteous, Laurence:
1810, Burgher, Student, Scott, Annals, p.488

Porteous, Thomas:
1599, Ednam, FES, Vol.2, p.68

Porteous, Thomas:
1771, Milnathort (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.376; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.386; Student, Scott, Annals, p.471; 1771, Milnathort (Burgher), Scott, Annals, p.405; General, Scott, Annals, p.43

Porteous, Thomas:
1885, Gordon, FES, Vol.2, p.153; 1899, St James’, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.108; FES, Vol.8, p.21

Porteous, William:
1567, Kilbucho, FES, Vol.1, p.244; FES, Vol.8, p.53

Porteous, William:
1727, Rafford, FES, Vol.6, p.428; FES, Vol.8, p.646

Porteous, William:
1760, Whitburn, FES, Vol.1, p.235; 1770, St George’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.443; Scott, Annals, p.41

Porteous, William:
1785, Kilbucho, FES, Vol.1, p.245; 1810, Broughton, FES, Vol.1, p.242

Porteous, William:
1850, Spittal, Small, History, Vol.1, p.265

Porteous, William:
1863, Innellan, FES, Vol.4, p.25; 1864, Bellahouston, FES, Vol.3, p.396

Porter, George:
1866, Bellahouston, FES, Vol.3, p.396; 1870, Maybole, FES, Vol.3, p.54; FES, Vol.8, p.222

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Porter, James:
1654, Kirkpatrick Juxta, FES, Vol.2, p.211

Porter, Josias Leslie:
1846, Newcastle, FES, Vol.7, p.515

Porter, Samuel:
1840, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Porter, William Henry:
1894, Hallside, FES, Vol.3, p.257; 1900, Cults, FES, Vol.5, p.141; FES, Vol.8, p.441

Porterfield, John:
1561, Buchanan, FES, Vol.3, p.333

Porterfield, John:
1564, Dunbarton, FES, Vol.3, p.340; 1567, Kilmaronock, FES, Vol.3, p.350; 1571, Archbishop, Glasgow, FES, Vol.7, p.321; 1574, Drymen, FES, Vol.3, p.338; 1574, Killearn, FES, Vol.3, p.349; 1580, Ayr, FES, Vol.3, p.5; FES, Vol.8, p.212

Porterfield, John:
1568, Ardrossan, FES, Vol.8, p.228

Porterfield, John:
1574, Balfron, FES, Vol.3, p.329

Porterfield, John:
1620, Kirkcolm, FES, Vol.2, p.338

Potter, John:
1892, Robertson Memorial, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.432; FES, Vol.8, p.300

Potter, Michael:
1687, Bo’ness, FES, Vol.1, p.196; 1692, Dunblane, FES, Vol.4, p.343; FES, Vol.8, p.397

Potter, Michael of Easter Livelands: 1700, Kippen, FES, Vol.4, p.351; 1740, Professor, Glasgow, FES, Vol.7, p.400; FES, Vol.8, p.717; Small, History, Vol.1, p.707

Potter, Robert Douglas:
1928, Cleish, FES, Vol.8, p.417

Potter, William:
1912, Gardenstown, FES, Vol.6, p.261; 1916, Sheuchan, FES, Vol.2, p.352; FES, Vol.8, p.191; 1918, ordiquhill, FES, Vol.6, p.292; FES, Vol.8, p.600; 1927, Aberdour, FES, Vol.8, p.578

Potts, John or Thomas:
1646, Flushing, FES, Vol.7, p.544; 1651, Utrecht, FES, Vol.7, p.555

Potts, John:
1751, Stitchel (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.251; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.551; Small, History, Vol.2, p.262

Potts, Joseph Thomas:
1887, Rathfriland, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.27

Potts, Robert:
1759, Brampton, FES, Vol.7, p.474; 1772, Ettrick, FES, Vol.2, p.175; FES, Vol.8, p.149; 1781, Penruddock, FES, Vol.7, p.477

Potts, Thomas:
1610, Flushing, FES, Vol.7, p.544; 1617, Amsterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.537

Potts, Thomas or John:
1646, Flushing, FES, Vol.7, p.544; 1651, Utrecht, FES, Vol.7, p.555

Pourie, John:
1854, Calcutta, Ewing, Annals

Poutie or Powtie, James:
1628, Cushnie, FES, Vol.6, p.137

Pow, John:
1694, Coldstream, FES, Vol.2, p.41; ? 1694, Coldingham, FES, Vol.8, p.124

Power, Edward:
1613, Craigie, FES, Vol.3, p.22

Power, Gilbert:
1605, Stoneykirk, FES, Vol.2, p.353; FES, Vol.8, p.192

Powrie, Alexander:
1612, Dryfesdale, FES, Vol.2, p.203

Powrie, Richard:
1608, Dawyck, FES, Vol.1, p.292

Powrie, William:
1573, Errol, FES, Vol.8, p.363

Powrie, William:
1584, Abercorn, FES, Vol.1, p.189; FES, Vol.8, p.36; 1585, Bo’ness, FES, Vol.8, p.38

Powstie or Powtie, Thomas:
1591, Leslie, FES, Vol.5, p.109

Powtie or Poutie, James:
1628, Cushnie, FES, Vol.6, p.137

Powtie, James:
1630, Leslie, FES, Vol.5, p.109

Powtie, John:
1617, Leslie, FES, Vol.5, p.109

Powtie or Powstie, Thomas:
1591, Leslie, FES, Vol.5, p.109

Pratt, William Rew:
1853, Caledonian, London, FES, Vol.7, p.466

Prenter, Joseph Robert:
1909, St Paul’s, Leith, FES, Vol.1, p.159; 1913, St Mark’s, Dundee, FES, Vol.5, p.339; FES, Vol.8, p.490

Prentice, Archibald:
1886, New Craighall, FES, Vol.1, p.336; FES, Vol.8, p.79

Prentice, George:
1894, Livingstonia, Ewing, Annals

Preston, Berry:
1911, Indian Chaplain, FES, Vol.7, p.580; 1913, Springburn, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.470; 1917, Riccarton, FES, Vol.3, p.65; FES, Vol.8, p.224; 1926, Peebles, FES, Vol.8, p.64

Preston, David:
1901, Ewes, FES, Vol.2, p.235; FES, Vol.8, p.163; 1918, Titwood, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.472; FES, Vol.8, p.308

Preston, George:
1735, Markinch, FES, Vol.5, p.113

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Preston, Alexander:
1756, Logiealmond (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.617; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.640

Preston, James:
1574, Dalry, FES, Vol.2, p.406

Preston, Robert, Sir:
1731, Arbirlot, FES, Vol.5, p.421; 1758, 2nd Cupar, FES, Vol.5, p.147; 1775, 1st Cupar, FES, Vol.5, p.144

Preston, Symon:
1575, Dalry, FES, Vol.8, p.229

Price, John:
1661, The Hague, FES, Vol.7, p.545

Price, William:
1648, Amsterdam, FES, Vol.7, p.538

Primmer, Jacob:
1875, Gardenstown, FES, Vol.6, p.261; 1876, Dunfermline, FES, Vol.5, p.36; FES, Vol.8, p.410

Primrose, Charles:
1702, Bellie, FES, Vol.6, p.299; 1707, Forres, FES, Vol.6, p.422; 1717, 2nd Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.393; 1726, 1st Elgin, FES, Vol.6, p.389; 1729, Crichton, FES, Vol.1, p.312 ; FES, Vol.8, p.70

Primrose, James:
1733, Crichton, FES, Vol.1, p.313

Primrose, James:
1880, Broxburn (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.1, p.622; 1895, Cathedral Square, Glasgow (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.32

Primrose, John:
1652, Queensferry, FES, Vol.1, p.225 ; FES, Vol.8, p.48

Primrose, John:
1778, East Calder (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.611

Primrose, John:
1789, Grange (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.114; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.43; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.107

Primrose, Peter:
1567, Mauchline, FES, Vol.3, p.48; 1574, Galston, FES, Vol.3, p.39

Primrose, Peter:
1607, Parton, FES, Vol.2, p.420; 1609, Crossmichael, FES, Vol.2, p.404

Primrose, Peter:
1787, Dalgety, FES, Vol.5, p.23; 1796, Prestonpans, FES, Vol.1, p.390

Primrose, Robert:
1881, Cumbernauld (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.674; 1887, St Andrew Square, Greenock (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.180; 1890, Partick, East (United Presbyterian), Small, History, Vol.2, p.119; 1895, Burnbank, Glasgow, Small, History, Vol.2, p.83; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.460

Primrose, Robert William:
1876, Saltcoats, FES, Vol.3, p.81

Primrose, William:
Burgher, Student, Scott, Annals, p.481; 1806, Aberdeen (Burgher), Scott, Annals, p.242<; 1839, Melville, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.13; Ewing, Annals; Small, History, Vol.1, p.4

Pringle, Alexander:
1884, St Catherine’s, British Guiana, FES, Vol.7, p.676

Pringle, Alexander:
1777, North, Perth (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.546; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.259; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.584; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.621

Pringle or Hoppringle, Andrew:
1579, Hownam, FES, Vol.2, p.122

Pringle, Andrew:
1646, Kirkton, FES, Vol.2, p.130; 1650, Castleton, FES, Vol.2, p.231

Pringle, Francis:
1804, Burgher, Student, Scott, Annals, p.480

Pringle, George:
1656, Athelstaneford, FES, Vol.1, p.353

Pringle, James of Burnfoot:
1658, Westerkirk, FES, Vol.2, p.239; 1679, Westerkirk, FES, Vol.2, p.239

Pringle, James:
1789, Kinclaven (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.638; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.262; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.90

Pringle, James:
1806, Pollokshaws (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.139

Pringle, James:
about 1818, Newcastle, Small, History, Vol.2, p.484; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.549

Pringle, James Home:
1876, Clydebank, FES, Vol.3, p.337

Pringle, John:
1660, Fogo, FES, Vol.2, p.15; FES, Vol.8, p.119

Pringle, John:
1670, Corstorphine, FES, Vol.1, p.7

Pringle, John:
1829, South Street, Elgin (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.624; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.600; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.540

Pringle, John:
1871, Tarves, FES, Vol.6, p.205

Pringle, John:
1876, Crossford (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.2, p.426

Pringle, John W.:
1875, High Street, Jedburgh (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.262; General, Small, History, Vol.2, p.715; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.702; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.157; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.601; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.638

Pringle, William:
1817, North, Auchterarder (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.599; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.692; Family, Small, History, Vol.2, p.426; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.624

Pringle, William:
Family, USA, Small, History, Vol.2, p.549

Proctor, Henry:
1789, Stafford, FES, Vol.7, p.521

Proctor, William:
1877, Oban (United Secession), Small, History, Vol.2, p.162

Profeit, William:
1873, Jarrow, Ewing, Annals

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Prophit, James:
1858, Dunrossness, FES, Vol.7, p.284; 1868, St Mungo, FES, Vol.2, p.222; FES, Vol.8, p.160

Proudfoot, ____:
Family, Toronto, Small, History, Vol.2, p.579

Proudfoot, George:
1857, Glasgow City Workhouse, Robb, Cameronian Fasti, p.27; Couper, The R.P. Church, p.135

Proudfoot, James:
1827, Coulter, FES, Vol.1, p.247 ; Ewing, Annals

Proudfoot, John:
1772, Kirkgate, Leith (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.496; General, Small, History, Vol.1, p.662

Proudfoot, Peter:
1817, Arrochar, FES, Vol.3, p.326; McCosh, Peter, Proudfoot

Proudfoot, Robert Forrester:
1844, North Esk, FES, Vol.1, p.339; 1845, Fogo, FES, Vol.2, p.17; FES, Vol.8, p.119

Proudfoot, William:
1813, Pitrodie (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.579; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.573; Call, Small, History, Vol.2, p.371

Proudfoot, William:
1814, Shotts, FES, Vol.3, p.279; 1821, Avendale, FES, Vol.3, p.224; McCosh, William, Proudfoot; 1846, Strathaven, FES, Vol.3, p.225

Proudfoot, William:
1879, Arbroath, FES, Vol.5, p.428; 1891, Haddington, FES, Vol.1, p.373; FES, Vol.8, p.95

Prouthock or Prunto, John:
1569, Dunnet, FES, Vol.7, p.118; 1576, Latheron, FES, Vol.7, p.125; 1580, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.141

Provan, Archibald:
1779, Chryston, FES, Vol.3, p.383; 1793, Cadder, FES, Vol.3, p.374

Provan, Joseph:
1653, Garvald, FES, Vol.1, p.363; 1657, Morham, FES, Vol.1, p.378

Provand, Patrick:
1720, Trinity Gask, FES, Vol.4, p.288

Provand, Thomas:
1614, Leswalt, FES, Vol.2, p.342

Provand, William Seath:
1887, St Ninian’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.461; FES, Vol.8, p.306

Prunto or Prouthock, John:
1569, Dunnet, FES, Vol.7, p.118; 1576, Latheron, FES, Vol.7, p.125; 1580, Wick, FES, Vol.7, p.141

Pryde, George:
1615, Hutton, FES, Vol.2, p.205

Pryde, James Johnstone:
1901, Manitoba, FES, Vol.7, p.657; 1909, Penpont, FES, Vol.2, p.324; FES, Vol.8, p.184; 1919, Morebattle, FES, Vol.8, p.131; 1926, StichellFES, Vol.8, p.133

Pryde, John Marshall:
1906, Ruthrieston, Aberdeen, FES, Vol.6, p.26; 1910, St Modan’s [Linlithgow], FES, Vol.1, p.209; FES, Vol.8, p.42; 1925, Kilrenny, FES, Vol.8, p.460

Pryde, Robert:
1872, Kininmouth, FES, Vol.6, p.225; 1876, Kilmarnock, FES, Vol.3, p.109; 1879, Townhead, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.473; FES, Vol.8, p.308

Pryde, Robert Hamilton:
1901, Stromness, FES, Vol.7, p.254; 1905, Lasswade, FES, Vol.1, p.331 ; FES, Vol.8, p.78

Pryde, Thomas:
1880, Stonefield, FES, Vol.3, p.279; FES, Vol.8, p.263

Pullar, James:
1823, Glenluce (Burgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.15; Family, Small, History, Vol.1, p.250

Pullar, James:
1875, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Pullar, Thomas:
1900, Morebattle (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.250

Pullar, William:
1834, Urr (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.250

Puller, William:
1787, Holm of Balfron (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.1, p.212

Punton, James:
1777, Saffronhall, Hamilton (Antiburgher), Small, History, Vol.2, p.212; Call, Small, History, Vol.1, p.320; Call, Scott, Annals, p.392

Purcell or Pursel, James:
1734, Troqueer, FES, Vol.2, p.303; Small, History, Vol.1, p.252

Purdie, James:
1735, Arbroath, FES, Vol.5, p.424; 1737, Guthrie, FES, Vol.5, p.437; 1753, Morham, FES, Vol.1, p.379

Purdie, John:
1580, Skirling, FES, Vol.1, p.257

Purdie, Joseph:
1810, Climpy (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.421; 1814, Pittenweem (Relief), Small, History, Vol.2, p.388

Purdie, Patrick:
1634, Newlands, FES, Vol.1, p.284

Purdie, Patrick:
1671, Newlands, FES, Vol.1, p.284

Purdie, Robert:
1665, Glasserton, FES, Vol.2, p.360; 1665, Kirkpatrick Durham, FES, Vol.2, p.284

Purdie, Simon:
1585, Kilbride, FES, Vol.2, p.326

Purdie, William:
1832, Liberton, FES, Vol.1, p.173

Purkis, Isaac:
1841, Ontario and Quebec, FES, Vol.7, p.648

Pursel or Purcell, James:
1734, Troqueer, FES, Vol.2, p.303; Small, History, Vol.1, p.252

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Purves, David:
1843, Aberdour; 1853, Maxwelltown, Ewing, Annals; Small, History, Vol.1, p.453

Purves, David:
1881, Gourock, Ewing, Annals

Purves, George:
1674, Glencorse, FES, Vol.1, p.321; FES, Vol.8, p.75

Purves, James W.:
1900, Middle and West, Saltcoats (United), Small, History, Vol.2, p.312

Purves, John:
1826, Lady Glenorchy’s, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.80; 1830, Jedburgh, FES, Vol.2, p.128; Ewing, Annals

Purves, Peter Charles:
1855, Morebattle; 1876, St James’, Edinburgh, Ewing, Annals

Purves, William:
1840, Australia, FES, Vol.7, p.597

Purvis, Thomas:
1565, Manor, FES, Vol.1, p.281; FES, Vol.8, p.60

Pyle, William:
1563, Foulden, FES, Vol.8, p.126

Pyott, Alexander:
1725, Carriden, FES, Vol.1, p.199; 1733, Dunbar, FES, Vol.1, p.408; FES, Vol.8, p.107

Pyper, David:
1745, Tulliallan, FES, Vol.7, p.505; 1793, Pencaitland, FES, Vol.1, p.386; FES, Vol.8, p.99

Quick, John:
1680, Middelburg, FES, Vol.7, p.548

Quig, Gordon:
1907, Renton, FES, Vol.3, p.361; 1913, St Paul’s, Glasgow, FES, Vol.3, p.464; FES, Vol.8, p.306; 1921, Monifieth, FES, Vol.5, p.365; FES, Vol.8, p.494

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