Related Ministers: the family tree of the Ingrams

Ingram Tree



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There are eight ministers mentioned in this tree, of whom four were Free Church ministers. The following are references for all ministers whose names appear in the General Index of Scottish Presbyterian Ministers:

Archibald, William, 1735, Unst, 1.1.
Barclay, James, 1775, Unst: see under 1.1.1. Ursula Archibald
Barclay, Thomas, 1822, Dunrossness: see under
Ingram, James, 1803, Fetlar: see under Mary Barclay
Ingram, John, 1838, Unst: see under
MacDonald, Donald Alexander, 1878, Fort Augustus: see under Frances Charlotte Jean Ingram
MacGregor, Peter, 1881, Uyeasound: see under Mary Barclay Ingram
Thirde, James Young, 1868, Ollaberry (United Secession): see under Margaret Ingram




1. William Archibald, schoolmaster, Earlston, Berwickshire.

1.1. William Archibald (1702-1785) was the son of William Archibald, schoolmaster. He was minister of Unst, Shetland: FES, Vol.7, p.299.

1.1.1. Ursula Archibald (1750-1832) was the daughter of William Archibald, Unst. She married James Barclay, minister of Unst: FES, Vol.7, p.299. Mary Barclay (1776-1859) was the daughter of James Barclay, minister. She married James Ingram, a Free Church minister. John Ingram (1807-1892) was the son of James Ingram, minister. He too was a Free Church minister. Mary Barclay Ingram (1842-1892) was the daughter of John Ingram, minister. She married Peter MacGregor, a Free Church minister. Margaret Ingram (b.1842) was the daughter of John Ingram, minister. She married James Young Thirde, United Presbyterian minister, in Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, and latterly in Canada: Small, Vol.1, p.87. Frances Charlotte Jean Ingram (1870-1953) was the daughter of John Ingram, minister. She married Donald Alexander MacDonald, a Free Church minister. Thomas Barclay (1792-1873) was the son of James Barclay, Unst. He was minister of Currie, Edinburgh: FES, Vol.1, p.16.