Update: 16th February, 2016

The present goals for the development of this website are stated in the right side-bar. Here is a short account of the progress made since these were formulated till the blog came into operation on 16th February.

(1) The List of Ministers has now been revised and improved.

(2) Links have now been provided, for all ministers, so that you can go from the Ministers’ List to the appropriate place in the Congregational List with a click. The layout of the Index of Congregations has been improved.

(3) The first family tree, designed to show ministerial connections more clearly, is now in place.

(5) There are now 714 obituaries available. There are maybe 20 or 30 more that may yet appear, but that means that the vast majority of obituaries that appeared in the monthly Free Church publication are now available on line. For the first 20 years or so of the Free Church’s existence only a few obituaries were published there.


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