A Moderate Tree

A further tree has been added recently: the Carstairs Hill Tree. This contains the names of about 200 ministers, but only five of these were Free Church men. The reason for that is that this is a tree of mainly moderate ministers. It shows the interconnectedness of the leading Moderate ministerial families in the 18th century and the influence that they had not least in the Universities – especially in St Andrews, Fife.

An existing tree has also been substantially revised, namely, the Bayne Tree. If you looked at this tree before, it would be worth looking at it again. It has been developed beyond all recognition – it now contains the names of 187 ministers, 35 of them being Free Church men.

Someone in the new Carstairs Hill Tree is connected with someone in the already existing Bell Tree – the first tree done: an experimental, stand-alone tree. This means that each tree on this site is now related to another one, so that there is no free-standing, independent tree.

There are now close to a thousand ministers mentioned in these trees, over 200 of them being Free Church ministers.


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