Update: 7th June. 2016

A further 19 family trees have now been added to the web-site, namely:

Some of these are large sprawling trees, like mostof the trees already done, but quite a number are small trees with half a dozen or so closely related ministers. Overall, in these 19 trees, there are the names of approximately 275 ministers, 117 being Free Church ministers.

We are now at the stage where we can say not only what has been done but what remains to be done in this area of the web-site:

Although these trees have been added, the cross referencing has not yet been completed.

Although there are links from the List of Ministers to the Trees, I also want to do an overall index of all Free Church ministers whose names appear in these Trees. This will help perhaps in seeing more clearly how one tree is linked to another: just look at the index and you will see the key people who link one tree with another.

I have identified two large trees that need to be attempted and then I shall regard this aspect of the web-site as substantially completed – unless more tangled relationships come to my attention which require to be put in tree form.

So these are the matters I hope to be able to deal with in the next weeks.


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