Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae – Digital Index

The seven volumes of the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae are a great resource for the researcher; and they are readily available on line. But, as far as I know, up till now, there has been no digital index available.

To search them poses problems. You are looking for a minister by the name of James Smith. In the index to Volume 1, there are five references to that name; in Volume 2, six; … in Volume 7, 17. There are 58 in all. If you know the place where your James Smith ministered – and are familiar with Scottish geography and the general layout of the Fasti – you may know which volume to start on, but a beginner has to make the best of the 58 references, which actually cover 38 different individuals.

With a digital index, the work is made easy. Each reference is labelled with a date and a place and references to the one individual are brought together. So part of the index for “Smith, James” looks like this.

Smith, James:
1706, Morham, FES, Vol.1, p.379; 1712, Cramond, FES, Vol.1, p.11; 1723, Moderator, FES, Vol.7, p.441; 1730, West St Giles, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.143; 1732, Professor, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.7, p.383; 1733, Principal, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.7, p.381; 1733, West St Giles, Edinburgh, FES, Vol.1, p.143

Smith, James:
1721, Gairloch, FES, Vol.7, p.147; 1731, Creich, FES, Vol.7, p.82

Smith, James:
1723, Kilbirnie, FES, Vol.3, p.103; FES, Vol.8, p.232

Smith, James:
1735, Newburn, FES, Vol.5, p.224

There is now no problem in identifying the content of each reference; no difficulty in knowing which James Smith you want to look at. And all the information about him is accessible with a few clicks.

We have now on this site a General Index covering the Fasti, Volumes 1-8, and other reference works of other Scottish Presbyterian Churches. This digital index will enhance the usefulness of the Fasti and the other similar reference works; will remove the frustrations of beginners; and will save the regular researcher hours and hours of time.

A fuller description of it is accessible by clicking the Menu General Index. The General Index itself if available from the main menu bar: General Index / General Index. Or simply click here.

If you like this digital General Index, spread the word.


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