Author: Ecclegen


Dr Robert Gordon

Introduction to Dr Robert Gordon, Minister of St Giles, Edinburgh; Disruption leader; Mathematics master and tutor; Estate Manager; Writer, Scientist and Inventor


Presbyterianism in Douglas, Isle of Man

One might well ask: how does an article with such a title find a place in a web-site that is dedicated to Scottish Presbyterian ministers, especially in their family relationship? I’ll tell you.


Disruption Probationers

At the first General Assembly of the Free Church a list was presented of 192 Church of Scotland probationers who wished to adhere to the Free Church. What became of these men? Did they continue in the Free Church or go back to the Church of Scotland? Did they take up ministry or turn to secular employment?


Who wrote The Wheat and the Chaff?

This book has wrongly been attributed to James McCosh – a minister and academic. Here is the case in favour of James McCosh, journalist and editor, being the author.


Disruption Defaulters

It may not be immediately apparent why a book entitled The Wheat and the Chaff gathered into Bundles is of relevance to a web-site whose main interest is historical and genealogical.


Expanding the Indexing

Only those who are particularly perceptive or who use this web-site frequently will have noticed that some of the indexes on this site have been improved recently. This was done in three areas


Robert Ross, Troon and St Mark’s, Glasgow

Ewing’s information on him is sparse. There is a birth year, but no birthplace; an awareness that he was married twice but only the name of the second wife is known. We can probably add some flesh to these bones


Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae – Digital Index

The seven volumes of the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae are a great resource for the researcher; and they are readily available on line. But, as far as I know, up till now, there has been no digital index available.