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Further Obituaries

By a happy “coincidence”, I came across a couple of dusty volumes of the Free Church’s Monthly Magazine in a church that I was visiting. I borrowed them and have now added to this web-site 12 more obituaries, which had escaped my initial trawl through these Magazines


Update: 7th June. 2016

A further 19 family trees have now been added to the web-site, namely: Anderson (John); Anderson (William); Bannatyne; Brown;


Falling between Two Censuses

Family relationships are easily identified through the use of the ten-yearly censuses. But there are some cases where a minister is ordained for service abroad and never is present in Scotland as a minister in the census year; or a man has a brief ministry in Scotland …


A Clump of Trees

Six more family trees have now been added to this web-site … and they are all inter-related.


Update: 16th February, 2016

The present goals for the development of this website are stated in the right side-bar. Here is a short account of the progress made since these were formulated till the blog came into operation on 16th February.


The Bell Tree

A new category has been added to our menu: Trees; and the first Tree there is the Bell Tree.