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Who wrote The Wheat and the Chaff?

This book has wrongly been attributed to James McCosh – a minister and academic. Here is the case in favour of James McCosh, journalist and editor, being the author.


Disruption Defaulters

It may not be immediately apparent why a book entitled The Wheat and the Chaff gathered into Bundles is of relevance to a web-site whose main interest is historical and genealogical.


Robert Ross, Troon and St Mark’s, Glasgow

Ewing’s information on him is sparse. There is a birth year, but no birthplace; an awareness that he was married twice but only the name of the second wife is known. We can probably add some flesh to these bones


Falling between Two Censuses

Family relationships are easily identified through the use of the ten-yearly censuses. But there are some cases where a minister is ordained for service abroad and never is present in Scotland as a minister in the census year; or a man has a brief ministry in Scotland …