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Expanding the Indexing

Only those who are particularly perceptive or who use this web-site frequently will have noticed that some of the indexes on this site have been improved recently. This was done in three areas


Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae – Digital Index

The seven volumes of the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae are a great resource for the researcher; and they are readily available on line. But, as far as I know, up till now, there has been no digital index available.


How it all began

I thought I had noticed in Ewing’s Annals that, as the 19th century progressed, the rate of ministers resigning seemed to increase. I wondered if this was because of the theological liberalism which was creeping into the Free Church at that time.


Why a Blog?

A good question! When I started this web-site about a year ago, I didn’t see any need to have a blog. Now I’m not entirely convinced that I need one, but we are going to try it for a while at least.