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Publications of Free Church Ministers:

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Publications either by or about a minister are generally included under his name in Ewing’s Annals, in the case of Free Church ministers, or, in the case of others, in the General Index of Scottish Presbyterian Ministers. However, in some cases the list is so extensive that it is not convenient to burden a relatively short biographical article with a long list of publications. In these cases, his publications are found here.



Publications – by him

Report of a missionary tour in the New Hebrides, in the year 1850, on board H.M.S. “Havannah”, Auckland, New Zealand, Williamson and Wilson, 1851

Cause and effect, News of the churches, etc., includes letters from two missionaries to the New Hebrides, Rev. John Inglis and Rev. John Geddie, 1855

The dark places of the Earth, a sermon preached at the opening of the Reformed Presbyterian Synod in Glasgow, May 5th, 1862, Paisley, Alex. Gardner, 1862

In memoriam, the late Rev. James M’Nair, Eromango, died, July 16, 1870, Edinburgh, Charles Gibson, 1870

The slave trade in the New Hebrides, being papers read at the annual meeting of the New Hebrides mission, held at Aniwa, July, 1871, Edinburgh, Edmonston & Doughlas, 1872

Intas Itap, nikavaig Nahaijin first (sekunt) U Intas Etipup Itu, eris asuptecnaig Intas Hibru an tas Aneityum, Nyu Hebrites, with others, Luntun, 1878-1879

Letter addressed to the children of the Free Church of Scotland about the New Hebrides Mission ship, Dayspring, Glasgow, Dunn and Wright, 1878

Heathen missions, Williamu, a native Christian of Aneityum, New Hebrides, 1879

Thesis. The doctrine of Christian missions, with special reference to the South sea islands, J. Inglis, 1881

A dictionary of the Aneityumese language., London, Williams & Norgate, 1882

The New Hebrides Mission and the Polynesian labour traffic, Edinburgh, 1883

A missionary’s wife, being a sketch of the life and character of Mrs. Inglis of the New Hebrides mission, Edinburgh, Ballantyne Press, 1885

In the New Hebrides, reminiscences of missionary life and work, especially on the island of Aneityum, from 1850 till 1877, London, T. Nelson & Sons, 1887

Bible illustrations from the New Hebrides, with notices of the progress of the Mission, London, Thomas Nelson, 1890

South Sea missionary pamphlets etc., includes Journal of John Inglis, 1856-1896

Publication s– about him

Obituary notice on this web-site: John Inglis

Heroes of the mission field, Rev. John Inglis, D.D., J. Fairley Daly, 189-?


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Publications – by him

Where lies the difference?, or, Some of the principles and practices of the Church of Scotland and the Established Church stated and compared, Brechin, David Burns, 1845

Objections brought against the principles and practices of the Church of Scotland considered, in reply to “Vindex”, Brechin, David Burns, 1846

Memorials of the Disruption in Edzell and Lochlee, with other papers , Edinburgh, Commercial Printing Company, 1872

The Scottish Christian Herald, Vol.3, p.353., The Difference between Justification and Sanctification; 2nd series, Vol.2, p.601, The Birth and Infancy of Moses

Free Church Pulpit, Vol.3, p.229, The parable of the barren fig-tree

Publications – about him

Obituary notice on this web-site: Robert Inglis

New Statistical Account, November, 1842, Edzell, Vol.11, Forfar, p.621

An answer to the charges of the Rev. Robert Inglis, against the Church of Scotland, contained in his pamphlet “Where lies the difference”, Vindex, Montrose, Smith, 1845.

A refutation of additional charges against the Church of Scotland, contained in the Rev. Robert Inglis’ “Objections considered”, Alexander Whyte, Montrose, Smith, 1846

A refutation of additional charges against the Church of Scotland, contained in the Rev. Robert Inglis’ “Objections considered”, being a sequel to the second edition of the “answer” to his former charges, Vindex, Montrose, Smith & Co., 1846

The Rev. Robert Inglis, 1803-1876, and his children, David Ross Inglis, 1994?


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Publications – by him

A vindication of the Free Church in Cannobie, in answer to a letter addressed by George Maxwell, Esq. W.S. Prior’s Linn, to the people of Cannobie, Edinburgh, W. P. Kennedy, 1845

Reply to Mr. Maxwell’s second letter to the people of Cannobie, Edinburgh, W. P. Kennedy, 1845

A plea for toleration and spiritual independence, in answer to “The spirit of Free Presbyterianism”, by George Maxwell, Esq., W.S., Prior’s Lynn, Cannobie, Edinburgh, W. P. Kennedy, 1845

Sermons preached in the tent at Cannobie, Edinburgh, Kennedy, 1849

Free Church Pulpit, Vol.3, p.74, Christ the only sufficient sacrifice

He gave evidence before the Committee on Sites (Scotland) – see the Report of this Committee from Question 1273 on p,86 of First Report


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Publications – by him

The saviour and the saved in life and in death, Aberdeen, Ireland, 1853

The principles and practices of “Brethren, ” a word of warning to the churches, with correspondence between Mr. Ireland and Dr. Wolston, Edinburgh, A. Elliot, 1873

Light from Calvary in the seven last words of Jesus, London, J. Nisbet & Co., 1873

Why is God a stranger in the land?, a question for the times, London, Morgan and Scott, 1873

Ruth, or, Rest in Jesus. A story of the olden time, London, Morgan and Scott, 1873

The Rainbow on the Head of Jesus

A knock at every door

Publication – about him

Obituary notice on this web-site: Ireland, Robert Henderson.


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Publications – by him

An appeal on behalf of the Scottish settlers in British North America, a sermon , Dundee, published for the Dundee Auxiliary Colonial Society by James Adam, 1831

Hilltown Church. Statement by Mr. Jaffray

Suggestions for united co-operation of evangelical communions in the promotion of education, includes two notices regarding meetings of the Bicentenary of the Westminister Assembly Committee signed by John Jaffray, Secretary, 1843

Suggestions for the more effective supply of the spiritual wants of the population, Bicentenary Committee Scheme for Co-operation in City Missions, includes notice of meeting August 14th, amended by hand to 21st, signed John Jaffray, Edinburgh, 10th August, 1843, amended by hand to 18th, 1843

Letter that was enclosed with a subscription card acknowledging the assistance rendered in obtaining the subscriptions for the erection of 500 schools for the Free Church of Scotland, July 15, 1844, addressed to Mr. D. Dickson, signed, John Jaffray, Secretary of the General Board of Missions and Education, 1844

Assembly expenses, proposal for defraying expenses connected with meetings of the General Assembly, with an accompanying letter signed John Jaffray, H. Handyside, Edinburgh, 1846

Scottish missions, correspondence between John Cumming and John Jaffray, Edinburgh, Miller and Fairly, 1850

Remarks on the innovations in the public worship of God, proposed by the Free Presbytery of Hamilton, with an appendix containing the translations and paraphrases sanctioned for the use of private families by the General Assembly 1751, Edinburgh, Bell & Bradfute, 1854

Fac-similie from an original letter of John Knox, in the possession of the Revd. John Jaffray, Edinburgh, Schenck & McFarlane Lithographers, 1850-1860?

Publication – about him

Obituary notice on this web-site: John Jaffray


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Publications – by him

The opium trade in China, by an eyewitness, to which is added, a voice from India on the opium question, 1858

Glimpses of missionary work in China, illustrated by engravings from the Chinese Pilgrim’s Progress. Edinburgh, 1860

The primitive Sabbath restored by Christ, an historical argument derived from ancient records of China, Egypt, and other lands, London, James Nisbet & Co., 1868

Learning to Float, or, Saved by Faith, a narrative of fact, Glasgow, 1869

Religious destitution in Glasgow, to the office-bearers of the Presbyterian churches of all denominations in our city, the following statistics are specially and respectfully submitted, Glasgow, David Bryce & Co., 1870

The lily in the pool, or, A pure life in a polluted world, Glasgow, David Bryce & Co., 1870

The rising tide of irreligion, pauperism, immorality and death in Glasgow and how to turn it, facts and suggestions, Glasgow, David Bryce & Son, 1871

The ecclesiastical and religious statistics of Scotland, showing 1st the number of adherents in each denomination, 2nd that there are more than half a million of the population unconnected with any church, Glasgow, David Bryce & Son, 1874

Corrected statistics of the Church of Scotland, a reply to a “statement” by the Rev. Professor Charteris and “the numbers of the churches” by the Rev. J. Elder Cumming, Glasgow, David Bryce and Son, 1874

The ribbon of blue, Glasgow, Charles Glass & Co., 1874?

On the “abolition” or “transference” of Government colleges and high schools in India, as required by the Despatch of 1854, illustrated by the state of education in Madras, London, Gilbert and Rivington, 1880

Our educational policy in India, London, James Nisbet & Co., 1880

The higher education and the education of the masses in India, a reply to a letter addressed by His Highness the Maharajah of Travancore, to His Excellency the Right Honourable M.E. Grant Duff, Governor of Madras, London, General Council on Education in India, 1882

Education in India and the India Commission on Education, London, Edward Stanford, 1883

A meeting of the members of the “General Council on Education in India” was held on Monday, 22nd January, 1883, General Sir William Hill in the chair, includes, Appendix to the report, The following is the title of the pamphlet of 24 pages referred to in the note to the resolutions passed at the meeting of Jan. 22, 1883 “Cursory notice of certain statements in the Rev. James Johnston’s “reply”, by his Highness Rama Varma, Maharajah of Travancore”, 1883.

Abstract and analysis of the report of the Indian Education Commission, with notes and the recommendations in full, London, Adams, 1884

Parks and playgrounds for the people, with a brief discussion of the nature and bearing of the Inclosure (Land) acts, London, Hamilton, Adams and Co., 1885

A century of Protestant missions and the increase of the heathen during the hundred years, suggestive facts for thoughtful Christians, London, James Nisbet & Co., 1886

Report of the Centenary conference on the Protestant missions of the world, held in Exeter hall (June 9th-19th), London, 1888. edited by the Rev. James Johnston, F.S.S., secretary of the conference London, J. Nisbet & co., 1889, two voumes, Vol.1 and Vol.2 – both limited search only

Hymns for the Centenary Conference on Foreign Missions, compiled by the Rev. James Johnston, London, Gilbert & Rivington, 1888

A century of Christian progress and its lessons, London, James Nisbet & Co, 1888

Missionary points and pictures, London, Religious Tract Society, 1891?

The production and circulation of Christian literature for mission fields, Calcutta, Traill & Co., 1891

Missionary landscapes in the dark continent, New York, A.D.F. Randolph & Company, 1892

China and Formosa, the story of the mission of the Presbyterian Church of England, London, Hazell, Watson, & Viney, 1897

A century of Christian progress, showing also the increase of Protestantism and the decline of popery, New York, F.H. Revell, 1900?

Destructive results of the higher criticism, as disclosed in “Modern criticism and the preaching of the Old Testament” [by George Adam Smith], London, Elliot Stock, 1901

Publications – about him

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, David W. Savage, Johnston, James (1819–1905), missionary and minister of the Presbyterian Church of England

Statistics of the Church of Scotland, a statement by the Committee of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on Christian life and work in answer to the Rev. James Johnston, and to the allegations in the manifesto of the “Scottish disestablishment association”, Edinburgh, William Blackwood, 1873

Remarks on the report of the mission to India of the Rev. James Johnston, Secretary of the Christian Vernacular Education Society, J. Murdoch, Madras, Christian Vernacular Education Society, 1890


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